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  • Stoneheart

    An Orcs in the Webbe original! Before Wylde Magicke was lost from Valon and clouds of smoke arose from weapons powered by Blackpowder, monsters roamed the land. So did heroes. This is the start of one Dwarf's story, the first steps that led him to the road to legend.

  • Stoneheart in Jocalia

    An Orcs in the Webbe original! The Dwarf Stoneheart, believing himself a hero for his previous task, is banished by the Dwarves and sent on another quest. This time to Joccia of the Darke Age... Jocalia as it was known. Home of the Rat Tribes and much, much worse...

  • The Sky Forge

    An Orcs in the Webbe original! Once again returning home as something other than the hero he set out to be, Stoneheart has to answer for his actions in Jocalia. Meanwhile, deep beneath the citadel of the Slayers, something stirs.

  • Deceit

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Shunned by his tribe and left to wander the world, Stoneheart is drawn to the mountains where a terrible confrontation awaits...

  • Loyalties Divided

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Reeling from his battle with a legendary dragon, Stoneheart discovers he has become more than he once was...

  • The Siege of Dragon's Keep

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The epic of Stoneheart continues into it's sixth year in this Darkestorme short story which sees the erstwhile Dwarf forced to defend his adopted home against a coalition of races bent on taking Hazadkar, the Dragon's Keep.