"Sharke's Breakfast"

A Flintloque 1st Edition Scenario by Klaus Fritsch
[Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews]


At the siege of Badjobz, before the storming of the breaches, Captains Sharke (of Albion's Rifles) and Porcaria (of Al Garvey's Caçadores) make a bet to meet each other for breakfast whilst the war against the Ferach Elves continues on around them.



The following scenario is intended for three to five players and a referee. It works with two, but is much less interesting then. The scenario takes place during the siege of Badjobz, before the storming of the breaches. The referee should read all of the following text and hand out to the players only the sections concerning their troops. Players, as always, should stop reading now if they intend to participate in the scenario.


Player Introductions

The following introductions should only be given to the player actually playing the section in question.


Ferach Introduction

Dawn approached in the hills just outside the city of Badajobz. In the ruins of a farm on one of the hills, members of a section of the elite 23rd Voltigeurs broke out their rations to strengthen themselves after repulsing a predawn attack of Goblin Caçadores. Corporal Boucherd sliced himself a hefty piece off a garlic sausage and took a swig of wine from the bottle offered to him by Pierre Picarde, a Voltigeur of the section. "I guess we sent them packing for good, Corporal.", said Picarde as he took back his bottle. "They won't be coming again this morning, I'll wager!" returned Boucherd.

Lieutenant Louis Filibande, in command of the section, stood at the wall of the ruined farm, peering through his spyglass in the direction where the Albion camps were. He knew the farm was an important outpost, as it commanded a free view in both directions. An Albion attack could be seen from here long before it reached the city walls. If the Orcs occupied it, they could very well use it to spy out the defences of Badjobz. Filibande's men had fended off the goblins' attempt to take the position, but had suffered badly in the process. He had sent a lightly wounded Voltigeur to bring reinforcements and fervently hoped they would arrive in time before the next attack of the alliance.


Orc/Goblin Introduction

Lieutenant Sharke sat at the campfire, sipping the hot tea his Bog-Orc sergeant had made. Harpy, the huge sergeant, said "God save Guinalea, but I hate sieges, so I do!" Sharke shrugged "And so does Old Snouty. He'll want this over with as soon as possible. That means clambering up one of those bloody breaches before dawn one morning soon now."

A group of goblin Caçadores joined the Rifleorcs by the fire. They had obviously already been in action this morning and seemed to be in a foul mood. Their sergeant, a vicious-looking little bastard, dropped his pack and laid his rifle on top of it. "The lead was flyin' as thick as bees at that farm this damn morning," he said, "and where were the glorious Rifles then? Rolling 'round in their flea-infested sacks 'n' dreamin' o' Catalucian whores, I bet!" With that he sat down beside the fire and took the bottle of rum which Harpy held out to him. Capitano Porcaria, the officer of the Caçadores, said "Not very nicely put, but we really could have used you, Sharke. The darn Ferach had reinforced their position and it was a disgraceful slaughter. We had even pushed them out once, but more of them buggers arrived and we had to leave."

"And you didn't even stay for breakfast?" jested Harpy good-naturedly. Sharke laughed.

"You wouldn't have, too!" snarled the goblin sergeant. "Ha, Filbanto, want to bet on that?" replied Harpy.

"Your sergeant has lost what little of his Bog-Orc wits he still had." said Capitano Porcaria.

"Why not?" said Sharke, "I bet that we can push the frog-eaters out once more and eat breakfast at that farm before they can persuade us to leave."

"You're as mad as Harpy here. That I have to see." exclaimed Porcaria. Filbanto rolled his eyes, "And I thought we'd get a spell o' rest before goin' in again."

So the Rifleorcs and the Caçadores gathered their equipment, Harpy organised a breakfast basket and then they took off together into the dawn.


Obidiah's Introduction

Dawn patrols are lousy, thought sergeant Obidiah Hogswill as he and a section of the South Mordor's light company trudged through the no-man's land between the Albion camps and Badajobz. All the while Obidiah hoped his muvver would finally send him a revelation of how to get back at that half-orc bastard Sharke who had thwarted him too often.

A sharp crack caused all birds in the vicinity to take off into the sky. "Was dat a musket a-bein' fired, sarge?" asked private Morriz, the most recent addition to the section.

"What'd you think it was, you stoopid bugger!" snarled Obidiah, "Careful now, let's find out what's goin' on."


Constantine's Introduction

Lieutenant Athién Constantine was marching his men in direction of the outpost in the ruined farm, as he heard the first musket shots.

"Merde, we might be too late! Hurry, mes enfants, we have to get there as quickly as possible!" With these words the lieutenant urged his men onward to the farm, where their comrades were obviously being attacked.



The Orcs and Goblins have to occupy the ruin of the main building of the farm and Sharke and Porcaria have to spend eight turns in base to base contact having breakfast to win. These eight turns do not have to be consecutive. After that they can withdraw or win an even larger victory by holding the outpost.

The Ferach win if they occupy the outpost at the end of the game. They can humiliate their enemies even more by preventing Sharke and Porcaria from finishing their breakfast, although the Ferach players should not be told this, but should find out for themselfves.

Obidiah wins a small victory if he is able to wound Sharke without anyone seeing him doing it. The Obidiah player will have to judge the situation carefully to see if it is safe to attack Sharke. Obidiah's men do not count for this, as they are much too frightened of him. The referee is the final judge on whether this really goes unnoticed. If not, Harpy will go for Obidiah and try to kill him. Obidiah's men will not interfere. If Obidiah actually manages to knock Sharke out, his triumph is complete. Obidiah and his men must make a reasonable effort of helping the rifles and the Caçadores.

Note that it is possible for several players to win.

The Orc patrol and the Ferach reinforcements both arrive at the same time from opposite sides 1D6 turns after the first shot is fired.

If there are only two players, the referee should take control of Obidiah if he thinks that an unnoticed attack against Sharke is possible. The Orc player should then be kept unaware of Obidiah's plan.

The referee should also see to it that the Goblin player does not use Filbanto as a flying medic. While Filbanto certainly will help comrades in need, his is a fighting machine first. Having him running around healing all the time would be out of character. [Editor's Note: This shouldn't happen in 3rd Edition as his Heal spell is replaced with the one use Prevent Injury Magicke Spell, see below for full details.]


Terrain & Condition

Visibility is normal. The ruins of the farm should occupy the center of the table, consisting of at least one badly damaged building and lots of low walls and debris [Editor's Note: Treat low walls as Difficult Terrain - meaning it usually costs 2-3cms of movement to cross depending on your scenery. Debris should be treated as Bogging Terrain. See Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p. 74 for more details.]. If possible, the farm should be positioned on a large hill. The rest of the table should be covered by small copses of light woods and lots of shrubbery. Several smaller hills would be perfect, as long as the hill with the farm is higher than these smaller hills.


Scenario Forces


Section of the 23iémes Voltigeurs

The section is composed of Elite Ferach Light Infantry.

Lieutenant Louis Filibande: Experienced, Sword, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Corporal Lucas Boucherd: Experienced, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Voltigeur Alain Leonesse: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet. Leonesse is a very good shot, so he always receives the Aimed Fire Column Shift.

Voltigeur Pierre Picarde: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet, Picarde has already been to many places no Elf has seen before and receives +1 to his Morale. [Editor's Note: Use the Morale modifier as a Disciplne modifier in 3rd Edition.]

Voltigeur, Michel Elanorre: Raw, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.


Section of the 64iéme Regiment de Ligne

The section is composed of Regular Ferach Line Infantry.

Lieutenant Athién Constantine: Experienced, Sword, Ferach Duelling Pistol.

Sergeant Bel Mondo: Experienced, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Corporal Jardine Eläonesse: Experienced, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Lathron DeGalis: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Richard Pierre: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet Fusilier.

Wilbur Noir: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Elrond Perimones: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Valariane Amant: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Valerian Erdones: Average, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Certianne Uriens: Raw, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Michel Sreglih: Raw, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Metheire Galeháde: Raw, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

Fusilier Ferech Poncequer: Raw, Ferach Musket and Bayonet.

[Editor's Note: As with many early Flintoque scenarios the Ferach Elves in this scenario get the short end of the stick when it comes to special abilities so to liven things up for 3rd Edition you should roll for Magicke Talent (Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p.62) and use Skills, Traits and Flaws (Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p.52-55) as normal.]


Section of the 105th Orc Rifles

This section is composed of Elite Orc Light Infantry.

Lieutenant Rekhardt Sharke: Experienced, Sword, Bakur Rifle and Bayonet.

Sergeant Patrick Harpy: Experienced, Bog-Orc, 7-Barreled Volley Gun, Bakur Rifle and Bayonet.

Rifleorc Hagsmun: Average, Bakur Rifle and Bayonet, Hagsmun, the old poacher, is a very good shot, so he always receives the Aimed Fire Column Shift.

Rifleorc Purrkinz: Raw, Bakur Rifle and Bayonet.

[Editor's Note: Alternative Armies updated Sharke's Rifles for 3rd Edition in the excellent expansion Sharke's Chosen, available here from Alternative Armies. You can download the complete insert (which has full 3e stats for Sharke, Harpy, Hagsmun and Purrkinz) for free from Alternative Armies on that page, look for the download link about haf way down.]


Section of the 1st Caçadores

This section is composed of Goblin Elite Light Infantry.

Capitano Porcaria: Experienced, Sword, Pistol.

Sergente Filbanto: An Experienced, Goblin Elite armed with a rifle, Cavalry Pistol, saber, bayonet and knife. He also has Magical Abilities with the spells of Heal Wound (own or other's), Steady Shot, and Light Fire. Filbanto has been a fighter ever since he was weaned from his mother. With the coming of the Mordredian Wars he joined the 1st Cacadores where he quickly beat and clawed his way up to the rank of Sergeant. He has gained a reputation as "a Goblin not to be messed with." An extremely greedy fellow, Filbanto has been known to spend as much time looking for loot as he does for enemies. His long association with violence gives him a +2 modifier in Hand to Hand combat. He can be represented by the Goblin Sergeant in the Unit Pack 53505

[Editor's Note: Filbanto's spells can be represented in 3rd Edition with the spells Prevent Injury (Latent), Magicke Shotte (Latent) and Create Fire (Latent), see Flintloque: War in Catalucia p. 63 for full details. Use Filbanto's Hand-To-Hand modifier mentioned above as a Melee modifier in Flintloque 3rd Edition.]

Caçadore D'Almediaz: Experienced, Rifle and Bayonet.

Caçadore Da Costa: Average, Rifle and Bayonet.

Caçadore D'Olivenca: Average, Rifle and Bayonet.

Caçadore D'Alcanta: Raw, Rifle and Bayonet.


Section of the Light Company of the 67th (South Mordor) Line Regiment

This section is composed of Regular Orc Light Infantry.

Sergeant Obidiah Hogswill: Experienced, Orc Bessie and Bayonet, Obidiah never takes Wounded Morale Checks and ignores Wounded Modifiers for Morale Checks because he thinks he can't be killed.

[Editor's Note: Full 3rd Edition rules for Sergeant Obidiah can be found in the superb Flintloque supplemt, The Rarest Tin, available here from Alternative Armies.If you don't have access to that book you can adapt the rules above for 3rd Edition by simply having him never receive Shaken Tokens.]

Private Gitaka: Experienced, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.

Private Ibbutsun: Average, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.

Private Grishnak: Average, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.

Private Partz: Average, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.

Private Morriz: Raw, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.

Private Burrbak: Raw, Orc Bessie and Bayonet.


Webmaster's Notes

This scenario was originally published on Mike Baumann's excellent Filbanto Stew Website that has long since passed into the West.

It was first published on Orcs in the Webbe during it's very first incarnation way back in 2004, for some reason when I made the jump from Dreamweaver to GooglePages in 2007 Sharke's Breakfast did not make it. So after an absence of nine years it returned for your reading pleasure on the 28th July 2016.

I have made the odd alteration as well as copious notes in maroon above.