The Legends of Llednevir

"The Doom That Came from Penarth"

A Flintloque Scenario by CJ Hooper

The Doom That Came from Penarth

Taffsea General Winter Davies has returned from the wars in Urop with an ancient heirloom proving his right to live and rule over all Llednevir. The inhabitants of Tarrwen Harbour, a small Llednevir town, refute this claim and will do everything they can to stop him.... 


Down from the North they came,
With a quiet fishing town to claim
General Winter Davies was the name
Of the man who started this new game…

Descended from the Giants of the Nogians
He led a band once from ancient legions
On Llednevir they had their eye
To seize the town and there to lie

Their ancestral home was their wish,
And now that it was safe from Fish
and Frogs, they expected
No resistance, a town unprotected…

The townsfolk however were far from green,
The invading force from afar was seen.
The cannon loaded, a fence erected
Far they were from dejected.

Two dozen soldiers came from the Hinterland
And waged a little war on the Taffsea Winterland…

But was Winter Davies really the heir to the town?
What secrets were contained in the church records?
And would he care either way?


The Set Up

General Winter Davies is a Veteran HobGoblin of Northern Taffsea. In his possession are a set of title deeds signed by an ancient Todoroni Emperor of a forgotten age. For those who may read it states that that Centurion Atrcious Gregg Davies on the IX Legion has been awarded the Oppidum of Llednevir on his retirement from the legions. Winter Davies claims that this is a family heirloom and since his return from the wars in Valon he wants his due. “Redde ad caesari quae sunt caesaris” etc.

Sadly for him, this was a catastrophic error as Llednevir was never conquered by an Ancient Todoroni Emperor. The truth is that this ‘reward’ was punishment from years of terrible service and insubordination.

The Game Starts with General Davies and his 24 troops on the outskirts of the village where they have laid claim to the town.

The people of Tarrwen Harbour are indomitable, as our chronicles have shown, and have rebuked this claim with laughter and have mustered in the town centre to form a militia to turn back these north Gwalian interlopers.


The Map

Use the well known and well loved map of Tarrwen Harbour.

tarrwen harbour map

The Sides

Davies and His Mercenaries – The Taskmasters

General Winter Davies – A Veteran Hobgoblin

Sergeant Pandrew McDrubbin - a Dog Soldier from the North of Pictland

Corporal Vasily ‘Bones’ - a rather grey looking chap from the icy wastes of the East.

Dangerous Iclazyarse – a Todoroni former marine now a mercenary who dreams of a land he never knew but features in his dreams…

And 20 assorted Todoroni and Taffsea troops.

The Townsfolk of Tarrwen Harbour

You can use an assortment of survivors from previous games if you wish or go with the roster below.

Lleu The Big / Hobgoblin Veteran / Irregular
Brawler / Valley Voice / Large Fellow / Death of a Boyo

Evans the Deaf
Experienced Irregular Hobgoblin
Evans is armed with a staff which counts as +2 in melee combat.
Druidic Powers - Evans is a practitioner of Wylde Magicke, roll for two Magicke Talents (Flintloque: DITS, p.45; Flintloque: WIC, p. 62)

Owain Dunglowerin
Veteran Regular Hobgoblin
Owain has the skills Improved Command (1) and the Hobgoblin skill, Valley Voice. He also has the Hobgoblin trait, Slate Skin (both Flintloque: WIC, p.59). He has no flaws.

Evans Mab Evans
Experienced Irregular Hobgoblin
Evans is armed with a staff which counts as +2 in melee combat.
Druidic Powers - Evans is a practitioner of Wylde Magicke, roll for two Magicke Talents (Flintloque: DITS, p.45; Flintloque:WIC, p. 62)

Ruth, Daughter of Lleu The Big
Veteran Irregular Hobgoblin
Ruth, as befits a woman of her status, is huge and does not use weapons.
Ruth has the Brawler skill (Flintloque: WIC, p.52;Flintloque: DITS, p. 51) and the Orc flaw Pub Brawler (Flintloque:WIC, p. 57)

Owen the Plod is a legendary Hobgoblin.
Owen the Plod / Hobgoblin Veteran / Irregular
Valley Voice / Death of a Boyo
Gammy Leg: Owen’s Movement is reduced to 0 unless being aided.

Captain Hatt / Veteran Todoroni / Marine
Boarding Technique / Improved Command (1), Iron Hard, Foul Temper, Milky Eyes
Standard Pistol, Sword

High Priest Hoolio Iclazyarse / Expercienced Little Todoroni / Irregular
Slimy Tongue / Stealth / Nerves of Steel / Prayer
Magicke Talent - Roll twice on the Magicke Talent Table (p.63) for Iclazyarse, the first result is at latent level, the second potent.
Staff (+2 to Melee)

+ D6 Experienced Hobgoblins armed with clubs

+ 2 Todoroni arming the Cannon

+ Reverend Ella Jenkins (Special Rules)


Special Rules

The Cannon – Two Todoroni Gunners are able to fire this but it takes one turn to load and a second to redirect if needed.

Reverend Ella Jenkins – daughter of the former reverend and one with knowledge of The History of Tarrwen Harbour. She is aware that the claim of Winter Davies is not valid however she is also aware that there are two Todoroni who look frighteningly similar. If she can get Hoolio Icklazyarse and Dangerous Icklazyarse together then these two will recognise each other as long lost twins.

If this occurs then the Todoroni on the Mercenary side take a leadership test and may join the townsfolk who clearly have a rich and inclusive culture. The Mercenary side may choose to wholly integrate, relinquish the claim but then join the village peacefully and everybody wins (except those who have died already).

Of course the mercenary side may also see the likeness and seek to ensure that neither Icklayarse gets to meet the other by fair means or foul….

Who knows how this will play out? It’s certainly going to be interesting and bodes for a lively Cryptmas for all.

Nadolig Llawen!


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