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The Obidiah's Army miniature set (5006) contains sixteen character figures to symbolise the main section of a deserter force. Whilst this force is big enough for skirmish games it can be increased or decreased in size to suit the scenario or campaign.

The advice we give as far as choosing additional figures for your squad is to consider where they are currently operating and where they have been in the past. A band with a lot of Goblins is more likely to have been in the Catalucian theatre than on the borders with the Witchlands. That said if you have a reasonable explanation as to why they are there, then that‟s fine.

For the most part the choice of races that can be added to Obidiah's Army (and any other deserter bands) is totally up to you; however, there are a few constraints to bear in mind:

1. Skeletons, Zombies and Liches cannot join a Deserter Band even if they do escape the influence of the Dark Czar, as without that it they have no motivation and simply long to rest in peace. Golems also cannot join a deserter band as being Magicke constructs directly animated by the Dark Czar himself they have no thoughts except those of obedience. Gargoyles, Ghouls, Vampyres, Werewolves and Wraiths, having free will, are able to function in Deserter Bands.

2. Dogs and Werewolves cannot be in the same unit of Deserters, the natural enmity being too great. This is mainly because of the Tree-Line Wars that took place centuries ago, and the minor territorial scuffles that still occasionally take place. If a player wishes to introduce a Dog into a unit with a Werewolf (or vice versa) then the two characters must fight it out in melee combat until either character is killed or routs.

3. If you wish to introduce Ghouls or Vampyres into a deserter band there is a 50% chance they will try to feed off another member of the band. This character should be chosen randomly. Trolka and Wraiths are not included in this selection as neither bleed. Once a figure has been selected, he/she fights the new member in melee combat until one of them is dead. During campaign play, between scenarios, there is a 25% chance they will once again grow hungry and target another member of the band.

Casualty replacements are more problematic for Deserter Bands, given that they can hardly call for reinforcements from the army. How you decide to handle this is up to you as long as it is agreed with your opponent before play begins. It may be your wish to give the player a base percentage chance of being able to find a replacement after each battle. If you, or any of the other players you game with, play any scenarios with other units in the same theatre as your Deserter Band you may use characters that rout from these battles as the pool from which reinforcements can be drawn.

The following modified version of Flintloque's 'Between the Games' rules (Flintloque: War in Catalucia, p.51; Flintloque: Death in the Snow, p.43) is used.

Any character from a non-Deserter unit that was removed from the table due to Cause A does not roll for injury between scenarios as normal. First you must roll to see what happens in the hours after they fled. Roll a D100 and consult the following table:

1 - 35%: Hung by Provosts
35 - 60%: Deserts
61-100%: Roll as per the normal rules for injury between games.

It is from the 35 - 60% group that players with Deserter Bands can draw their reinforcements. You can either use these Deserters as replacements for the casualties sustained or have them automatically join regardless of losses. Consequently, the size and composition of a Deserter Band will depend on the outcome of the Scenario or Campaign.

Any characters from a Deserter Band that were removed from the table due to Cause A have a 01% - 45% chance of being hanged by the Provosts or the Local Authorities.

If they survive this then they roll for injury as normal to see if they rejoin the Band. However, in addition to any wounds they suffer from the table, they have an additional 50% chance of suffering one wound because of being given a good kicking by their fellow soldiers. If this means that their wounds now equal or exceed their Wound Factor, they die from the results of the kangaroo court.

Obidiah does not rout. Instead of fleeing for his life, he makes a 'strategic withdrawal' from the table to discuss the situation with his Muvver. He returns to lead once the battle is over.



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