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The 2020 Advent Calendar Recap

advent annoucement

Being in the main a collection of the plethora of brand new original, exclusive and archive articles for a selection of much beloved and respected wargame rules.


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A Little Q&A on Orcs in the Webbe's Advent Calendar

What is Orcs in the Webbe?

In short its an independent gaming website comprising of old articles unearthed from the internet and old magazines alongside newly written articles for a variety of new, classic and forgotten game systems. It was setup way back in 1996, yes it was that long ago, to form a repository for information as older style websites started dissapearing taking thier content with them. Back then the sites focus, as was mine, was primarily Alternative Armies' Flintloque. Since then the site has grown, along with my technical ability in all things web related, and has gone through manay regenrations and expansions and now includes content for over a dozen wargames systems, board games and card games as well as several stand alone original games.

What is the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar?

Back in 2007, as a Christmas gift to its readers, Orcs in the Webbe became an Advent Calendar of sorts, counting down the days remaining to Christmas. However, instead of chocolates or sweets, every day from the 1st through to the 25th of December it published an article of interest to its readers. These started off as a mixture of old articles alongside newly created content but over the last few years many people have stepped up allowing me to publish many brand new articles every December.


Editor's Note aka "Aren't there 24 days in most Advent Calendars?"

Well, normally yes. However Orcs in the Webbe is a fan site run by one chap (me) with submissions ranging from new authors cutting thier teeth on the international stage to fan-favourite authors from years gone by (and a whole host of other definitions in between). It's becomng harder and harder with each paassing year to get people to write content as most people who do so these days have thier own creative outlets; Facebook groups, traditional blogs, YouTube channels, BoardGameGeek entries, etc. Each year I ask about 40 people to submit articles and usually get a yes from around 30 people that drops off to about 20 who actually submit things. Some of those things arrive in my inbox in October, some of them are still not written the day before they're due to go live.  All of this is fine, OITW's Advent Calendar is something I enjoy doing. Don't get me wrong it's a huge amount of work what with all the editing, reformatting, chasing etc. but I do enjoy the process.

Without further ado, here's the 2020 summary, a table of contents if you will, to Orcs in the Webbe's virtual Annual :)

Keep the Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
November 2021


Tuesday 1st December - A Solitaire Game
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"A Walk on the Brink" by Matthew Hartley
In this year's exclusive free game you take on the role of a stranger to the Fens wandering home after perhaps one too many ales...

Wednesday 2nd December - A Shadowrun Duels Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Yahoo Groups Rescue!
"Assassin Nation" by Matt Yanek
Magic is real now. It used to be that magicians were nothing more than parlor tricksters using slights of hand and mirrors to create the illusion of otherworldly power. Still, even in 2060 there is something to be learned from these shysters. Often it is useful to draw attention one way while your hand goes another.

Thursday 3rd December - A Flintloque / Dresda Crossover Scenario
Part of Orcs in the Webbe Ongoing Archive Project !
"Kraggy Tor" by Mike Baumann
During the ill-fated "Forty-five" Rebellion, Joccian patriots under Bob "Boy" Mc Groggy sought to secure their country's independence from the rule of their Orcish overlords. Re-enact one of the battles with this classic Flintloque scenario updated with notes for use with 3rd Edition...

Friday 4th December - A Solo Play Micro Flintloque Adventure
An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive!
"Seeking Stalinov" by Gavin Syme
A group of Finklestein Dwarves have been tasked with subuing the KGB Liche Stalinov, will they survive the encounter?

Saturday 5th December - A Wordsearch
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Third Christmas Wordsearch - Sharke's Rifles" by Craig Andrews
Once again capturing the spirit of annuals from when you were kids, OITW brings you the third Christmas Wordsearch, this years theme... Sharke's Rifles.

Sunday 6th December - A Shadowrun Duels Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Yahoo Groups Rescue!
"The Minotaur and the Bio-Agent" by MetalTongue2002
Tasked with obtaining a sample of a rare and exclusive bio-agent two rival Shadowrun teams must team up to bring down a powerful Minotaur Shaman in the emply of the Saeder-Krupp Corporation. But only one team can leave with the prize...

Monday 7th December - A Flintloque Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Party Time" by Tony Harwood
Cryptmass wouldn't be Cryptmass without Foul Mouth Freddy! Tony Harwood's most famous creations returns. This year tasked with providing the food, drink and entertainment for a seasonal soirée. What could possibly go wrong... 

Tuesday 8th December - An Aeronef Variant Bringing Aerial Combat to Flintloque's Valon
Part of Orcs in the Webbe Ongoing Archive Project !
"Aeroloque" by Steve Blease
Take to the skies of Valon with these aerial combat rules designed for use with 6mm miniatures and Wessex Games' Aeronef...

Wednesday 9th December - A Flintloque Short Story
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Lord Quarn" by Jaffa Holland
Stoneheart's tale, now in its tenth year, sees Stoneheart take on a vicious slave trading Lord as he continues his search for the ancestral home of the Dwarves...

Thursday 10th December - A Panzerfäuste Short Story
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Shell-Shocked, Part III" by Costin Becheanu
Continuing the cracking tale of Henri the Gnome from Gung-Ho Geeks we present for your reading pleasure...

Friday 11th December - A Retroloque / Flintloque 1st Edition Rules Supplement 
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Where’s the Second Battalion Gone?" by Dave Toone
Recruiting Troops for your Flintloque 1st Edition battles...

Saturday 12th December - A Spot the Difference Puzzle 
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Second OITW Christmas Spot the Difference - The Notables" by Craig Andrews and Edward Jackson
Once Again Capturing the spirit of annuals from when you were kids, OITW brings you the second Christmas Spot the Difference, The Notables.

Sunday 13th December - An Introduction to Flintloque: The Skirmish
Part of Orcs in the Webbe Ongoing Archive Project !
"International Demonstration Kit" by Mike Roberts
One of the most sought after supplements for classic Flintloque has been scanned, OCR'd and converted into a PDF and is now online!

Monday 14th December - A Collection of Orc Profiles for 7TV Fantasy
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Wide World of Orcs" by Helena Nash and Karl Perrotton
Helena Nash and Karl Perrotton bring us a collection of tongue-in-cheek Orc Profiles for use with 7TV Fantasy!

Tueday 15th December - A Flintloque Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
The Legends of Llednevir: "Unlife and Death in Llednevir" by CJ Hooper
A rogue practitioner of Dark Wylde Magic from the New World has returned to his ancestral home of Llednevir with revenge on his mind...

Wednesday 16th December - A Panzerfäuste Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"If You Go Underground Today" (You're sure of a big surprise...) by Ben Honey
With the war effort not going well Heinz' Hammerz has been tasked with exploring an underground site spurred on by rumour, legend and the half-translated scribblings in a recently-found book.

Thursday 17th December - A Robust Set of Gaming Rules
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Tower Defence" by Brendon Sterma
Making his debut on these pages Brendon Sterm brings us a fantastic robust set of Tower Defense rules you can use with any miniatures you own...

Friday 18th December - A When Darkness Comes Scenario set in the Worlds of Doctor Who
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Science of the Daleks" by by Craig Andrews
The Doctor and their companions materialise at a research station on Kasis IV in the 25th Century. What adventures lie within...

Saturday 19th December - A Logic Puzzle 
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Inaugural OITW Christmas Logic Puzzle - The Shooting Competition" by Craig Andrews
Yet Again Capturing the spirit of annuals from when you were kids, OITW brings you the inaugural Christmas Logic Puzzle, The Shooting Competition.

Monday 21st December - A Flintloque Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"Eat the Snow" by Gavin Syme
A platoon of Finklestein Dwarves near starvation have discovered something sinister deep within the Witchlands that has all the hallmarks of one of Doctorov's laboratories. What will they find within...

Tuesday 22nd December - A Complete Fast-Play Miniature Ruleset
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"What's Space Opera, Doc?" by Michael White
Designed with the twin philosophies of less is more, and a game you get on the table is better than one you never get on the table; Michael White brings us a fast-play science fiction miniatures wargame set in a unimaginably distant future...

Wednesday 23rd December - A Modelling Masterclass
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"A Halfling's Hole" by Tony Harwood
Master modeller Tony Harwood renovates an old Halfling Hole in this cracking article showing how older terrain can be brought back to your tabletop...

Thursday 24th December - A Flintloque Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"A Grand Day Out" by James White
It’s all looking up for Colonello Aldimannio and promotion appears to be on the horizon. Now you mention it, Dwarves appear to be on the horizon too...

Christmas Day - A Flintloque Scenario
An Orcs in the Webbe Original !
"The Spy Who Cwtched Me" by CJ Hooper
Austin Powys, International Hobgoblin of Mystery in his latest Christmas Adventure!


Merry Cryptmass !