• 7TV



    7TV is the hit tabletop miniatures game set alongside the classic sci-fi and action TV shows of the 60s and 70s. Fight across the tabletop as your favourite re-diffused heroes or villains. Flamboyant geniuses, karate kicking angels or unearthly agents sent to maintain the universal balance fight against double agents, sultry spies, mad scientists and supernatural legends. So get out from behind the sofa. Put the kettle on. And tune in to 7TV. The plots are preposterous and the guest stars improbable. Car chases, debonair adventuring, punch-ups, explosions and open-top sports cars are all in a days work in 7TV. From the groovy mews of London town to the casino tables of Monte Carlo, flamboyant rogues and high-kicking heroines safeguard the world against madmen, despots and secret cults.

    Website: www.crooked-dice.co.uk

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  • AAR


    After Action Reports

    An After Action Report (or AAR) is any form of retrospective analysis on a given sequence of goal-oriented actions previously undertaken, generally by the author himself. The two principal forms of AARs are the literary AAR, intended for recreational use, and the analytical AAR, exercised as part of a process of performance evaluation and improvement, while in most cases AARs are a combination of both.

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  • Advent Calendar


    Advent Calendars

    Every Christmas as a gift to it's readers, Orcs in the Webbe becomes an Advent Calendar of sorts, counting down the days remaining to Christmas. However, instead of chocolates or sweets, every day from the 1st through to the 25th of December we publish an article of interest to it's readers. All the content is spread throughout the site, each in it's rightful place, but you can see the complete summary pages, along with each years introduction, by following the links below.

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  • Aegypt



    Hot sands and quick death are the stock in trade of Aegypt. While Ferach forces battle both the Otharmann Empyre and the Army of Albion in the shadow of the Pyramids, there are other strange things to be found in the deserts of Valon.

    Tag Type: Place
    Point of View: Valon

  • Afri



    The unexplored lush jungles of Valon have lured many an intrepid explorer to his death. Few have returned alive, but those that have tell tales of strange natives, golden cities and wonders the likes of which current civilization has never seen.

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    Point of View: Valon

  • Albion



    The homeland of the Orcs is viewed by many as the most beautiful place on Valon. Ancient forests fill the spaces between the sprawling towns and cities which are laying the scientific and spiritual foundations of the very age itself. To the North stands proud Joccia and Taffsea, to the South lies the unforgiving waters of the Karenia Chanel.

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    Point of View: Valon

  • All Hallow's Eve


    All Hallow's Eve

    Orcs in the Webbe has a long tradition of providing it's readers with something spooky to enjoy on All Hallow's Eve.

    Below is a list of all the macabre articles from the 31st of October including a couple from OITW's short lived sister-site Barking Irons.

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