Welcome to The Land and the world of Panzerfäuste, an exciting game of mechanised warfare in a fantasy world. it is a world where Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes and many other creatures continue their millennia long struggles armed with modern advances of tanks, sub-machineguns and grenades. Fight on battlefields where death is impersonal and only a heartbeat away. March your troops across green fields, through muddy trenches, over snow-capped mountains or into dank caverns... Come fight in the world of Panzerfäuste and see if you can reign supreme in The Land!

Panzerfäuste is a fun 'Historo-Fantasy' miniature wargame setting in which 28mm scale miniatures are used to depict the everyday struggles of standard fantasy races such as Orcs and Dwarves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry.

Orcs in the Webbe is proud to have supported Panzerfäuste from its beginnings as a small publisher Skirmish game with a handfull of miniatures all the way through to now when, after a very successful Kickstarter in 2015, it has become an even richer setting with over 100 miniatures and two different rulesets, an enhanced verion of the original Skirmish and a new exciting Mass battle system.

Below you can find all new original scenarios written exclusively for Orcs in the Webbe along with classic scenarios from the past saved from obscurity.


A Tale of The Cove

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! An overheard conversation whilst drinking grogge in The Drunken Sailor leads to a strange meeting with some hitherto unknown races in this scenario for Wessex Games' Strange Grogge which sees Orcs, Dwarves and Elves from Panzerfäuste's realm of The Land clash on the high seas two millennia before Alberich's jackbooted Dwarves swarm the continent. 

Above and Beyond the Call of Dutiful Harvest

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The Scarlet Sages, a specially assembled team of Orcs chosen by Chûrg-ill himself, is sent on a dangerous mission in the Gnomish lands to investigate reports that the farmers there may have made a break through that could change the course of the war. The Dwarvish High Command has also dispatched a unit to investigate. Only one side can leave with the secret of the mutated Mushrooms...


An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A crack squad of Orc Commandoes have been chosen for a mission in the perilous mountains of Tôrg Baraz to ensure information sensitive to Branzhûm does not fall into Dwarven hands. 

Babbette's NIght Out

The Gnomish partisans of Dûn Nomin try to collect some supply crates dropped by their Orcish allies whilst avoiding the deadly Dwarf patrols in this Panzerfäuste scenario for two players and a GM.

Balls to the Wall

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Stuermer’s Stormers have been tasked with exploring the depths of the Troglodyte mountain nest and weeding out any last vestiges of resistance. Unbeknown to the Dwarves, there is more to fear down there than just some exhausted Troglodytes...

Beach Head II:
Entwickler and The Crustacean Frustration

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Hauptmann Entwickler - pride of the Ausdenkerkorps - bolstered by the success of the Zinn-Mann project has been granted unlimited funding (and a choice of secret locales in which to design something) and is about to unleash his next great invention on The Land.

Conflictual Sustenance

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Two Schweinhundereite squads leading twice as many Straftruppen are cut off from HQ waiting for an Orc convoy when foraging fails and tempers begin to fray in this Panzerfäuste short story.

Dark and Stormy Night

Having successfully abducted an enemy general from deep within hostile territory an already battle-weary squad of Orc Marines must make their escape past a Dwarven sentry post, 

Dead to Rites

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! An old custom sees a group of children led deep into the dark forest where ancient words are spoken as something stirs in this chilling Panzerfäuste short story...

Disposable Heroes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Steiner and the rest of StrafGruppe Loki, on a vital mission to destroy a shipment the Orcs fortifying cha leaves, come up against the native askari troops... The Halfelins.

Dolmens and Dragons

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Back before Aberlich's Dwarves stormed across The Land and Chûrg-ill rallied his loyal Orcs, comes a tale of the heroic inventor Entwickler and his stalwart allies, the Heroes of The Lancet, as they battle the last true Dragon and the feared Dragon-Master, Belric...

Dungeons Deep

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A Troglodyte squad, tasked with escorting a very important dignitary through an underground complex, run into a few surprises along the way in this Panzerfäuste Short Story.

Ein Klokwerk Orange

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The spiralling cost in resources and manpower has led every nation to turn their minds towards crazy methods to grant them the upper hand. Deep within his hidden laboratory, Kapitan Entwickler, pride of the Ausdenkerkorps, has been working on a mechanical soldier powered by steam and clockwork that could change the very nature of warfare throughout The Land.

Fear Itself

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A surviving unit of shell-shocked troops struggle to survive as the pain felt by The Land is made manifest in this Panzerfäuste scenario for Solitaire or Group play written by one of the games' creators.

If You Go Underground Today

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! With the war effort not going well Heinz' Hammerz has been tasked with exploring an underground site spurred on by rumour, legend and the half-translated scribblings in a recently-found book. 

Scenario Generator

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Sometimes it can be handy to be able to generate an objective when playing a game of Panzerfäuste on the fly, here is a short table to start you off!

Pride Comes Before a Fall

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Ever wish you had a way to field your entire Captain Pledge level... Wait no longer! Hysterical Games' brings us a huge scenario for Panzerfäuste Skirmish with the Allied Orcs and Gnomes clashing against Dwarves and thier fierce warbeasts in this multi-player scenario based on an even bigger battle that was fought way back at the Bovington Tank Museum in 2005.

Prison Break

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Two groups of prisoners have broken out and the only thing that stands between them and freedom is a perilous section of No Man's Land. Oh, and the fact they're from different prisons and headed towards each other. A Panzerfäuste scenario for use with Hysterical Games' Futbowel miniatures.

Raiders of the Lost Casket

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Entwickler's superiors have found the legendary Casket of Souls and are planning to open it to reap its dark rewards. Luckily the brave Orc Captain Pipsy Pipworthy is there to stop him. Will the deserter Chaka Took help or hinder the Orcs as the fight to stop the Dwarves.

Ranger Things

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! After the failure of his Mecha Crab in Dûn-Nomin the infamous Hauptmann Entwickler - pride of the Ausdenkerkorps - has been temporarily withdrawn from frontline efforts in order to work on his latest device, a machine that will render Dwarven forces invisible. His device didn't work quite as expected and not only opened a portal to a strange otherworldly place but attracted the attention of the creature that lives there... 

Rolling Thunder

An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! On a cold, wet and foggy night a unit of Orcs, morale running low, discuss strategy...

S.O.(P) - It's life, kind of...

Within bowels of Branzhûm's Government lurk the Special Organs - Departments who deal with the more disagreeable aspects of life. One such department, The S.O.(P)., are  the Orcs defence against the agents of Darkness.

Shellfire and Damnation

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Two squads on opposing sides of the conflict at the Mon-Gerahnt Line are tasked with getting across No Man's Land. Not only is there the risk they may run into each other and that any noise they make may attract the attention of the gun emplacements but also there is the fear that the restless dead buried within the ground may rise to seek revenge on the living...

Shellshocked III

An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! Continuing the cracking tale of Henri the Gnome from Gung-Ho Geeks we present for your reading pleasure...

Stop That Falcon!

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Hauptmann Dastardly has one mission, to stop the daring Gnome pilot Yankee Griffonnage on his albino Faucon from returning back to Gnome headquarters with the latest war updates. Can they do it this time, and will Unteroffizier Klunk’s improvements help or hinder?

The Aftermatch

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Everyone remembers and talks about the famous Futbowel match of the trenches. Very few remember the incidents that followed; the hangovers, the bruises, the embarrassing silence between Orc and Dwarf who woke up together, and least of all the case of the swapped jerseys...

The Isle of Shadows

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Under pressure from his generals to bolster the war effort in any way he can, the Orc Warlord Chûrg-ill has instigated a risky plan involving a small team of commandos and an ancient prophecy on a magikal island near Branzhûm. Little does he know that Alberlich's technik-priests, the Braumeisterwache, have not only found out about the plan but have sent thier own team in to make sure things don't go according to plan.

The Legend of Fyrebeard's Gold

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Steve Blease brings us an original and fun campaign framework for Strange Grogge, Wessex Games' black powder fantasy skirmish rules, designed for 28mm scale battles between Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and other popular fantasy races set in Panzerfäuste's realm of The Land two millennia before Alberich's jackbooted Dwarves swarm the continent. 

The Manncunnian Candidate

Branzhûm's occult experts, S.O.(P). Investigators Ohms and Wisden, take on an Orc Vampire in the ruins of Manncunn Abbey.

The Raid on Saint Nazal'air

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A crack team of Orc Commandos from Branzhûm take on seemingly insurmountable odds in a raid against the Dwarven Kraken pens and associated harbour installations of the Kaiser’s army at St. Nazal’aire.

The Wicker Orc

A group of Copper's are about to be immolated inside a giant wicker Orc, only Branzhûm's occult experts, S.O.(P). Investigators Ohm's and Wisden, can save them. 

Tôrg-Baraz of Doom

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The Deathless have found the fabled Lava Stones of Power and intend to unlock their power. Fortunately young lieutenant Pipsy Pipworthy has stumbled upon the plot and aims to grab the stones for Branzhûm. Will the Halfelin reinforcements arrive in time to help, or will the Deathless gain the power to conquer Tôrg-Baraz? 

Where Beaglez Dares

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Newly located in a mountaintop retreat in Dûn-Nomin, Entwickler - pride of the Ausdenkerkorps - has been working on a another invention that could change the very nature of warfare throughout The Land. Little did he know that the Orcs had not only found his secret lair but have already stolen the plans and are in fact about to make thier escape...

Where The Wild Things Are...

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! StrafGruppe Loki have been inserted behind enemy lines on a mission to kill the Skogtrolldekonge (Forest Troll King) Rivfader. The brass back home think that such a bold move will win the campaign for them. They have not counted on the strength of the Skogtroll.