A Flintloque Rules Supplement by Ed Protor


A stampede on the battlefield can be both a hinderance and a danger, find out exactly how in this rules supplement for Flintloque.


There are many types of beasts of burden in the world of Valon, horses and mules are used to move cannon, but in general, farmers use more cheaply available animals like donkeys and oxen.

Donkeys and oxen are generally not used by the military because they are frightened by loud noises that make them bolt, but sometimes there are no other available animals.

A stampeding animal on the battlefield is a hindrance for the troops; they can block your line of sight, knock you over and generally be a real pain.

Also domesticated animals like sheep also get in the way of a battle, but afterwards no one would say no to roast lamb (but watch out for the Provosts).

Stampede Rules

Animals will not move themselves, but must have a character herding them. The shepherding character can move the animals in any direction they wish but not when the animals are Stampeding. The normal move rate of an animal is Trot but if the shepherding character performs only a move action then he can get them to move at a run. A shepherding character can Stampede animals in the direction of their choice but the animals in the following turn will run in a random direction.

To move animals in a random direction use a D8 and the eight points of a compass to work out the direction.

All animals are frightened by gunfire within 20cm or characters running (Double March) by them within 10 cm or if they get shot at. When animals are frightened they will Stampede in a random direction for one turn. Sheep will stay together in a flock when they are frightened and will Stampede together in the same direction.

If an animal Stampedes into a character (or Stampedes past within 5cm) then work out the result as a Melee action. If the animal wins, then the animal keeps on moving in the same direction, if they lose and survive the Melee then the animal will Stampede away in a random direction. If there is more then one Stampeding animal within 5cm of the character then the character is outnumbered in the melee.

If a character is firing at a target character and an animal is within 5cm of the target, then there is an additional -10% chance to hit.

 Animal   Stampede   Run   Trot   Walk   Steady/Defence Factor   Wounds   Melee Modifier 
 Ox  48 36 24 12 9 1 +3
 Donkey  64 48 32 16 5 1 -
 Sheep  44 33 22 11 5 1 -2


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "Stampede" was written exclusively for Orcs in the Webbe and published on Tuesday 8th December 2009 as part of the 2009 Advent Calendar.