"The Pegasus Hussars"

A Flintloque Rules Supplement by Ed Proctor


One of the most ancient Valonic light cavalry regiments for


One of the most ancient light cavalry regiments of the Elves of Armorica is the Pegasus Hussars, formed before the annulment of the laws of Wylde Magicke by one of the old Kings of Armorica.

Since the coming of black powder there has only been one regiment of the Pegasus Hussars, the 1st Hussars. Most of the 1st Hussars are now mounted on light houses because the Pegasus is very rare, hard to breed and has to be well cared for, but one company of 1st Hussars still ride the Pegasus.

The Pegasus Hussars are well known for their arrogance, pride, honour and consider themselves better horsemen and swordsmen than everybody else. They also consider themselves better dressed than the chasseurs and like to insult the dragoons in song.

When charging into combat the Hussars have been known to curse their enemy with a pistol in one hand and sabre in the other.

Generally Hussars are used as scouts and screen for other troops and also are used in pitched battles due to their combat ability, but because of the Pegasus Hussars limited numbers most commanders will only use them as scouts.

The Pegasus

The Pegasus is a winged horse normally white in colour and a very rare creature in the 3rd age of Valon. They make the swiftest of steeds, but are very hard to train and normally will only like to be ridden by one rider.

Equipment and Uniform

The Pegasus Hussars’ equipment does not vary much from other Hussars companies. They are armed with a sabre and a brace of pistols (or a carbine). Their uniform colour is mainly sky blue (Dolman, collar, pelisse and breeches), red cuffs, lace is white or silver and a black shako with pompom or plume.

Flintloque Rules:

Ferach Hussars Kit
The following Skill and Trait may be purchase by any Ferach Elves Hussars.

Skill: Fire and Charge (Mounted Only): Normally a figure cannot change weapons in mid turn, but the mounted Hussar who is charging an enemy figure can fire his pistol or carbine at the start at his move and then draw his sword before contacting the enemy. To give him enough time to change weapons he must move at Quick March.
Cost: 3 Points.

Trait: Insult enemy (Mounted Only): The Hussar when he charges into melee with an enemy figure he shouts insults at them. There is a 1 in 10 chance that the insult has shaken the enemy figure, place a Shaken token on the enemy figure.
Cost: 3 Points.

Pegasus Statistics

Pegasus use the mortal mount rules and for flying use the Flying Undead Cavalry rules from the Flintloque: Death in the Snow rule book.

 Pegasus Statistics   Double March   Quick March   Slow March   Half Step March   Tough   Wounds   Melee Modifier 
Flying Mount 54 46 36 20 5 1 0


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