The Llednevir Chronicles

"Mostly Death in Llednevir"

A Flintloque Scenario by CJ Hooper


Art by BenduKiwi

The evil God Dagonwyswifchips has risen from the depths! Cultists rush to the Harbour to welcome this Godforsaken-God-that-is-forsaken-by-Gods, only a crowd of angry women and one deaf man stands in their way.



The Day After The Night Before...

Evans the Deaf was busy that dreadful night oblivious to the wails and cries of battle he stepped out onto the blood soaked streets of Tarrwen Harbour. Shocked and appalled at the carnage he saw, he began measuring the bodies for the Traditional Taffsi burial. A traditional Taffsi burial under a cairn of stones. A cairn of some twenty metres in this case... This may call for some of his Druidic Taffsi Wylde Magicke.

The Cultists had succeeded and the brave menfolk of Taffsea lay strewn in heaps upon the cobbled streets. Evans the Deaf and the womenfolk set about gathering the bodies and the stones to lay them under. A separate mound would be raised for Guv and Staysee, the ill fated star crossed lovers who had taken their own lives in the early stages of the previous nights battle...

While Evans the deaf and the ladies of Llednevir worked upon the streets and hillsides they were blind as moles to the turbulence under the bubbling sea and the apple bobbing boats upon the murky waters of Tarrwen Harbour.

As we know, Death was not the aim of the Todoroni but to raise Dagonwyswifchips from his slumber under the sea and in this they succeeded...

Now He rises...

Be Careful What You Wish for...

Hoolio Icklazyarse has summoned his evil God from the depths and Dagonwyswifchips has risen. He and his cultists rush to the Harbour to welcome this Godforsaken-God-that-is-forsaken-by-Gods. Yet a crowd of angry women and one deaf man stands in their way but as the keen observer of Taffsi affairs will know – Heaven has no rage like a love to hate turned...

The Todoroni were once friends but now they are enemies, they will know what Hell is like...

In the Midst of this fighting Dagontwyswifchips rises...

But while he was summoned by Icklazyarse, he was not bound by him and Dagontwyswifchips goes on a murderous rampage killing Todoroni and Taffsi alike! Neither side has a chance if they stand alone...

Luckily, hope is on the horizon...

Owain Dunglowerin is coming home. While the Sea God Rampages and all looks lost, a contingent of Taffsi lads arrive home from the Wars to their beloved Tarrwen Harbour. With guns aloaded and fire in their eyes they are incensed by the devastation afore them and set about the scene...

Where will it end?

Scenario Forces


Evans the Deaf
Experienced Irregular Hobgoblin
Evans is armed with a staff which counts as +2 in melee combat.
Druidic Powers - Evans is a practitioner of Wylde Magicke, roll for two Magicke Talents (Flintloque: DITS, p.45; Flintloque:WIC, p. 62)
Evans counts as the townsfolk section leader. 

Madoc, Widow of Lleu The Big
Veteran Irregular Hobgoblin
Madoc, as befits a woman of her status, is huge and does not use weapons.
Madoc has the Brawler skill (Flintloque: WIC, p.52;Flintloque: DITS, p. 51) and the Orc flaw Pub Brawler (Flintloque:WIC, p. 57)
Madoc counts as the section second.

They are accompanied by ten other townsfolk who should be generated using the standard section creation rules. They should all have the troop type Civilian. Skills can be selected as per the experience level of each character but Magicke, traits and flaws should be rolled for randomly, not chosen, as it's much more fun that way. They have cobbled together what weapons they could and have 5 hunting crossbows and one old Taffsea Sawn Off Blunderbuss (Grapeshotte, p.62) which, due to it's age, it always misfires on a double on the firing roll.

All the townsfolk have the Hobgoblin national characteristic, Hom Jones Melody (Flintloque: WIC, p.81)

The Crossbows are not in any of the Flintloque 3rd Edition rulebooks but Gavin Syme from Alternative Armies has written the below rules for Hunting Crossbows:

Hunting Crossbow
1 - Double March 2 - Quick March 3 - Slow March 4 - Half Step March
No Fire Allowed Fire with 1 Right Shift May Fire May Fire
70/5 50/3 20/2 No
Short 0-15cm Medium 15cm-30cm Long 30cm-60cm Extreme Range 60cm-75cm
Reload: 2 Turns if Kneeling / 1 Turn if Standing

The Cultists (because, yes kids, you've guessed it, they're STILL cultists!)

Captain Hatt
Veteran Big Todoroni Marine
Hatt has the skills Boarding Technique and Improved Command (1), the trait Iron Hard and the flaws Foul Temper and Milky Eyes (Flintloque:WIC, p.52-54; Flintloque:DITS, p.51-52)
He is armed with a Standard Pistol and a Sword

High Priest Hoolio Iclazyarse
Expercienced Little Todoroni Irregular
Slimy Tongue / Stealth / Nerves of Steel / Prayer
As Dagontwysifchips has risen, validating his belief system, Hoolio has lost his pagan Wylde Magicke spells from the previous scenario and gained the powers of Faith (see Grapeshotte, p. 90).
He is armed with a Staff which counts as +2 in melee combat.

There are 8 Little Todoroni cultists. They should be generated using the standard section creation rules. They all have the Irregular troop status. Skills can be selected as per the experience level of each character but Magicke, traits and flaws should be rolled for randomly, not chosen, as it's much more fun that way.

Hatt is the section leader and Iclazyarse it's second.

All the cultists have the Todoroni national characteristic, Jump March (Flintloque: WIC, p.81)

The Brave Lads

Owain Dunglowerin
Veteran Regular Hobgoblin
Owain has the skills Improved Command (1) and the Hobgoblin skill, Valley Voice. He also has the Hobgoblin trait, Slate Skin (both Flintloque: WIC, p.59). He has no flaws.

His section should be created using the standard rules, including rolling for the number of troops. They all should be troop type Regular except for 1D5 Gunners. Skills can be selected as per the experience level of each character but, as with the other two sections, Magicke, traits and flaws (with one small exception) should be rolled for randomly, not chosen, as it's much more fun that way.

As Owain and his Lads have all been fighting by each other sides for years, in addition to their normal skills, traits etc they all have the Hobgoblin skill, Valley Voice. (Flintloque: WIC, p.59)
All the Hobgoblins have the national characteristic, Hom Jones Melody (Flintloque: WIC, p.81)

Map and Setup

The town is pretty much as we last found it; To the West there are two rows of dwellings and an old fishing warehouse used as a meeting place by the cultists with a jetty going out into the sea; in the centre of the map is a sturdy town hall; and to the East a stone built church at the base of a hill and the beached ship, La Storia, on the shoreline.

The main difference is that now we can see that on the hill above the church lies an ancient cannon, Brunnhilde's Bark.

The townsfolk begin the game on the far left of the map as a rampaging mob.

The Cultists start by the church of St. Brunnhilde.


The Townsfolk

On this fateful day all the townsfolk wanted to do was bury their dead and rid themselves of the Todoroni menace. Sadly for them with Dagontwyswifchips rising from the sea they must survive until the massive Toad-like God has been driven back into the sea.

The Todoroni

On this fateful day all the cultists wanted to do was bask in the glory of their God. Sadly for them their God cares only about being fed, not what he feeds on. They must survive until their salvation-turned-destroyer has been driven back to the sea.

The Brave Lads of Taffsea

On this fateful day all Owain Dunglowerin and his brave lads wanted to do was return home after months at war to rest with their families. Sadly for them their town has suffered greatly and will never be the same again. They must save Hobgoblin and Todorini alike by driving Dagontwyswifchips back into the depths from which he came.

Special Rules

Owain: At the start of the Initiative Phase, roll 1D10 and add the current turn, if you roll 10+ then Owain Dunglowerin and his brave Taffsi lads have arrived at Tarrwen Harbour. They arrive from the left hand table edge between the two rows of houses. They immediately become under the control of the Taffsi player.

Dagontwyswifchips: The Valon-bound manifestation of the God rises from the depths exactly half way along the board on the sea edge. He is a massive terrifying monster. At the start of the Maintenance Phase, if not distracted (see below), he will target the nearest living thing regardless of race and move into base to base contact with it. The unfortunate character is then devoured and, somewhat predictably, removed from play. There is nothing the character can do to prevent this. Any buildings Dagontwyswifchips passes through are automatically destroyed as he moves through them. He only stops when all living things in Tarrwen Harbour are dead.

Oi God! Over 'Ere!: If a blackpowder weapon is discharged then place a marker on the table. Dagontwyswifchips will move to that marker instead of devouring someone. However, any characters he moves through are crushed to death and, as predictably as before, removed from play. If more than one blackpowder weapon is discharged then move the marker, Dagontwyswifchips moves to the spot of the last discharged weapon.

Brunnhilde's Bark: The ancient cannon on the hill is the only weapon that can affect Dagontwyswifchips. At the start of the game Captain Hatt is the only character who can use the cannon (as Irregular and Civilian troops cannot operate artillery), however, Owain's lads are trained soldiers there may even be a Gunner or two amongst them. Brunnhilde's Bark is treated as a 9 Inch Dessus de Mur Howitzer (Grapeshotte, p.35). Luckily the stones that have been collected for the cairns that were to be built are within easy reach of the cannon. They count as Caseshotte for firing/damage purposes. Due to it's age and lack of care, local legends say it was there long before the Time of Anul (this is in fact rubbish, the Taffsi Hobgoblins nicked it from the hold of the ship, La Storia, when it first landed in Tarrwen Harbour and needed a 'local legend' to help hide it in plain sight). Brunnhilde's Bark has a larger chance of misfire than normal artillery... it misfires on a natural double on the firing roll. Dagontwyswifchips has 50 Impact Resistance Points, once they reach zero he retreats back into the foamy sea. If a fired cannon shot hits Dagontwyswifchips it is not treated as a standard blackpowder weapon discharge as he realises it can hurt him, however, if it is fired and misses he will, in the maintenance phase, move into base to base contact with one of the crew and devour them as per the rules above.

Game End

The game ends when Dagontwyswifchips is driven back into the sea.

Author's Notes

After I played through "Love and Death in Llednevir" with this site's very own Mr Andrews in early 2010 I wanted to carry the story on from that point. Sadly I had lost spectacularly as the Tarrwen Harbour townsfolk. Lleu the Big went up in a pillar of flame and the cursed cultists either killed or routed my trusty Hobgoblins, Orcs they ain't. So with success for the cultists came the rise of Dagontwyswifchips. Now how to stat an Elder God for a skirmish game... I'd like to thank Craig for help with that and also Gavin Syme who at Salute 2010 came up with the idea of using a cannon to deal with the seemingly impossible foe.

Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "Mostly Death in Llednevir" was written exclusively for OITW's Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar 2010 and was first published here on Thursday the 16th December.

CJ's Llednevir Chronicles have been a huge success here on Orcs in the Webbe, if you've not read them (or fancy re-reading them, they are rather good) check out the other chapters using the links below:

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