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Defence of Bonne Hommes Village

A Flintloque Short Scenario by Dave Toone


Ousted from their posts by the Ferach invasion of Catalucia a small surviving group of Dark Elf Caballeros joins forces with a rag tag bunch of guerillas to protect a village housing an important supply depot in this classic Flintloque short scenario.



The Scenario is set in a small supply village in Central Southern Catalucia which is garrisoned by an Elf Voltigeur Section. This village has become the centre of activity for Dark Elf Guerrilla raids in this area of Southern Catalucia. A major shortage of food and medical supplies has now forced the Dark Elves to launch a full scale attack on the village.

Scenario Terrain Map


The Elves

The Voltigeur section which was originally at full strength (25 Ferach Elves), has been depleted by constant raids and now stands at 10 including an experienced sergeant, average corporal and average private. The other 7 privates are all raw.

The Dark Elves

The Dark Elf forces consist of an ad hoc section of 6 Caballeros and 15 Guerrillas on foot. All the Caballeros have lances and carbines - they are well equipped because of the importance placed on the capture of this village. The Guerrillas all carry muskets captured mainly from dead Voltigeurs. All 6 Caballeros are raw.1 Guerrilla is experienced, 1 average and all of the others are raw.


The Voltigeur section is obviously under strength. Relief troops have been sent for and are already on the march. Due to this fact, the Dark Elf forces must capture the village within 12 turns or they will be forced to withdraw.

Table Area

We suggest playing this Scenario on a 4ft x 6ft table.


Webmaster's Notes

This scenario was published back in the 90s on The Forlorn Hope, the Flintloque pages of Conrad EJ Gonsalves' long since gone wargaming site, Tanelorn. Conrad has given permission to reproduce this scenario on Orcs in the Webbe and was kind enough to email me the original Word Perfect documents which included the original map you can see above, Conrad is still involved in the world of wargaming, click on the his name tag below and to the left to find out more.

It was first published here on Orcs in the Webbe on the 12th May 2014 as part of its ongoing Flintloque Archive Project.