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A Flintloque Scenario by Andrew Davey

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We catch up again with The Old Man and his section of criminals deep behind the lines of the Star Wraith.


"Winters were cold, but winters in the Witchlands were unbearable. Every day and every night, especially the nights, would turn into a survival battle that only the fittest and strongest of mental health would survive."

Taken from the memoirs of Captain Jacque Le'Gash,who died at Czarlingrad, a hero's death.

The Mission

The Old Man's orders had been made perfectly clear. He was to take an elite squad of expendable rogues deep into enemy held territory, to attack and destroy a well-protected wagon train carrying ammunition and supplies. The supply route was to be found ten miles behind the front line and yet again the 27eme Penal Regiment's skills would be put to the test.

The Plan

"Simplicity is ze key to victory Joseph,” the Old Man said to his corporal.

Joseph Porta turned to his sergeant knowingly "Vot do you have in mind?"

"Ve vill attack in two small groups. I vill take the Legionnaire, Gregor, Bauer and Heide and ve vill destroy the last vagon blocking ze enemy's retreat, whilst you vill attack ze front vagon with Tiny, Barcelona, Sven and Muller.

Destroying zis vill block the enemy's advance. Porta thought for a minute and agreed.

The Scene

The first signs of movement on the road came just after midday. The distinct sound of un-oiled wheel bearings twisting in agony with their eerie foreboding squeals could be heard at first at a distance, but slowly, very slowly they came into view. As the wagons passed the Old Man gave the signal to attack. The crescendo of noise that met the midday peace was shattering. It had seemed as if from nowhere a hail of lead, of catastrophic destruction had been unleashed from the Gates of Hades itself.

The Undead patrol, taken completely by surprise, lay dead and dying everywhere, bleeding where the once stood, emptying their life essence to nature's savage fury. Porta turned to Tiny, who was standing next to the corporal hopping from one foot to the other, grinning from ear to ear, anticipating his corporal's consent to help themselves to the Deads' plunder if any.

"Go ahead, take vot you vant, but leave their teeth for me." Porta said, rubbing his hands together, not only to help relieve some of the numbing pain from the bitter cold of this frozen hell, but also at the thought of finding more gold teeth to add to his grizzly collection. Gold gets you what you want and tonight if they made it back to base, Porta was going to get blind drunk on ale and grab a little female company to boot...

On a large pile of baggage, the Old Man sat quietly. He seemed to be in deep thought. A small cloud of tobacco smoke drifted up from his trusty clay pipe, as he puffed on it gently, shaking his head with disapproval at the scene unfolding before him. His troops, his band of unholy, unkempt and unthinkable killing machines were good at their job, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would be just as easy to kill the enemy and go home...


The Finklestein squad attacks from dense woodland with a layer of light snow on the ground. (See Deadloque Rulebook for modifiers).

The Undead wagons (ranging from 3 to 5 wagons) travel along the road from left to right and start at the edge of the road. The road is covered in heavy snow making the conditions tough. (See Deadloque Rulebook for modifiers).

Victory for the Finklestein Squad If...

1. Total victory if all wagons destroyed.

2. Partial victory if half of the wagon train is destroyed and enemy Vampyre Officer is killed or captured.

The Undead

Guarding the ammunition train falls to the notorious but brutal Vampyre Dog Officer, Scooby Doom, and a small unit of Undead Dogs, consisting of fourteen troopers and 3 - 5 Zombie wagon drivers. Why this ammunition train should be guarded by such a  distinguished leader only further suggests the importance of this supply route and its deadly cargoes.

Victory for the Undead Unit If...

1. Total victory if the attack is repelled and wagons exit the end of the road (edge of table).

2. Partial victory if only half the wagons escape and at least four of the attackers are killed.


Finklestein Squad (Treat all as Elite)

1. The Old Man. Veteran Dwarf Sergeant armed with a MkII musket.

2. Corporal Joseph Porta Experienced Dwarf Corporal armed with a grenade launching carbine and six fire grenades.

3. The Legionnaire Experienced Othari armed with a Matchlock and a large killing knife (+1 to Melee).

4. Tiny Average Ogre armed with a Kannonderbuss.

5. Barcelona Average Dark Elf armed with a standard musket plus magic abilities (Roll before game x 2 spells).

6. Gregor Martin Average Dog Soldier armed with standard musket.

7. Heide Raw Dwarf armed with a MkII musket, he receives

a +1 mod to morale.

8. Bauer Raw Dwarf armed with MkII musket.

9. Sven Raw Elf armed with High Elf musket.

10. Muller Average Dwarf armed with MkII musket, two pistols and a Cheese Wire. Gains +1 mod to melee.

This squad is relatively the same squad from the scenario Butz-Freeze plus two, depending on who survived the original Scenario. Replace as need be, but all replacements should be counted as raw.

Undead Unit

1. Scooby Doom Experienced Vampyre Dog Officer armed with a sword and pistol plus two magic spells (Roll before game).

3. Sergeant Bone'oski Worn Undead Dog Sergeant armed with a sword and standard musket. Bone'oski has a full quota of wounds.

3. 7 x Fresh Undead Dogs All armed with standard muskets. Bayonets are optional.

4. 6 x Worn Undead Dogs All armed with standard muskets. Bayonets are optional.

5. Zombie Wagon Drivers All are fresh and armed with standard muskets.

All Undead wounds should be rolled for before the game starts, with one D6.




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