"Sharke's Kin"

A Flintloque 1st Edition Scenario by John Fletcher
[Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews]


Everyone knows that Sharke, Lieutenant in His Monstrosity's Rifles, is a Half-Orc bastard, but most forget that makes him Half-Elven too. One embittered Ferach Elf believes he knows the lineage from which Sharke comes and he wants revenge.



The coach thundered through the night. Inside, by the light of a swinging oil lamp, the Compte du Pays Leigh reread the intelligence report. As a deputy minister in the Imperial Ministry o Truth he had seen many such reports. Most detailed the movement and actions of the Empire’s enemies, the hated Orcs and their allies. This report concerned a remarkable enemy officer – recklessly brave, exceptionally ruthless, improbably successful. An unusual combination for an Orc; but then he wasn’t a full Orc was he? Fair haired, lavender eyes, straight sharp teeth, the account said. He could not stand to read the part again about the teeth and he set the report aside. He had known the first time he had read it where this Lieutenant Sharke cam from. No pure Orc had lavender eyes, only certain lineages among the Elven nobility.

A golden tear welled up in the Comte’s own lave3nder eyes and the name of his long dead sister cam to his lips, “Elaine.”


The famous leader of the Orc Rifles, Lt. Sharke is of mixed Elven and Orcish blood. His proud mother never deigned to speak one word to her vile Orc captors. The Orc soldiers never knew their slave was Elaine du Pays Leigh, a warrior of the noble house of Pays Leigh.

Now, after many decades, Elaine’s oldest brother, the Comte du Pays Leigh has recognized Sharke for what he is - the living embodiment of his family’s shame. He has learned through spies that Sharke’s Rifles have been sent forward as scouts. Patrolling by day, they bivouac by night in the ruins of a castle. With his hand picked squad, the Comte plans to swoop down under cover of darkness and personally erase the blot on his family’s honour.


The playing area should be set up to resemble a ruined fortification. Anything suitable can be used, from the stockade of a “wild west” playset to walls built from construction blocks like Lego. The outer wall must have at least three gaps and there should be two or more ruined buildings inside for cover.

[Editor's Note: Treat any low walls as Difficult Terrain - meaning it usually costs 2-3cms of movement to cross depending on your scenery. Also any debris should be treated as Bogging Terrain. See Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p.74 for more details.]

The Comte attacks under cover of darkness, so all shooting is at -50%.

[Editor's Note: Full rules for night fighting in Flintloque 3rd Edition including Low Light and Niht Time skirmishes as well as rules for lit areas and pools of light can be found in the excellent expansion book, Grapeshotte, p.21. If you don't have access to that you can just use the modifier as detailed above.]

Orc Forces

The Orcs comprise of Lt. Sharke, Sgt. Harpy and their troops from the Flintloque boxed set. Two of the troops are asleep in one of the ruined buildings. During the first turn, the sleeping Orcs are waking up and grabbing their weapons – they can take no other actions. To achieve victory, Lt. Sharke must survive the battle.

If a larger battle is desired, they can be reinforced by a squad of Orc Redcoat Regular Infantry (2d10 Orcs, Musket and Bayonet, 10% experienced, 30% average, 60% raw), Joccian Highlanders, or Ogres of the KGL (Krautian Giant Legion).

Orcs Crl 4 Wlk 16 Run 24 W/D 3
Sharke – Rifle and Sword, Experienced Elite
Harpy – Volley Gun, Rifle, Bayonet, Experienced Elite
4 Rifles – Rifle, Bayonet, 2 Average, 2 Raw Elite

[Editor's Note: Alternative Armies updated Sharke's Rifles for 3rd Edition in the excellent expansion Sharke's Chosen, available here from Alternative Armies. You can download the complete insert (which has full 3e stats for Sharke, Harpy, Hagsmun and Purrkinz) for free from Alternative Armies on that page, look for the download link about haf way down.]

Elf Forces

The Comte’s chosen Elves are Elite troops attached to the Ministry of Truth. There are nine of them. They enter the playing area on turn one from any direction. The troopers will not fire in Sharke od initiate hand-to-hand combat. The Comte’s goal is to corner Sharke and kill him in single combat.

If the Comte has reason to expect more Orcs than Sharke’s usual band, he can call up a squad of line infantry for back up. (2d10 Elves, Musket and Bayonet, 10% experienced, 30% average, 60% raw).

Elves Crl 6 Wlk 22 Run 32 W/D 2

The Comte – Pistol and Sword, Expereinced Elite. Experienced duelist, +1 in hand-to-hand vs. a songle opponent
Lt. LaSousse – 2 Pistols, Sword, Experienced Elite
8 Elite Voltigeurs – Musket, Bayonet, Average Elite

[Editor's Note: To liven things up for 3rd Edition you should roll for Magicke Talent (Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p.62) as well as Skills, Traits and Flaws (Flintoque: War in Catalucia, p.52-55) for any Orcs and Elves.]


Webmaster's Notes

This scenario was originally published in the first issue of the excellent 1990s gaming magazine, Mars - Adventures in Miniature. 

It was actually sent to me by Markus Lesney back in 2008 as it's one of the few printed Flintloque articles I don't have a hardcopy of.

I have made the odd alteration as well as copious notes in maroon above.