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Jaysorc Kyng


"To the Witchlands with Potash"

A Fast Solo Play Flintloque Scenario by Gavin Syme

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Undercover for Bureau Ess famous playorc spy Jaysorc Kyng is sent to the Witchlands posing as a luxury soap seller. But why is he really in Moskova? Diplomats from Albion and other nations have been vanishing as they enter the crypt of the Grand Palace with all that remains of them a patch of rapidly melting snow upon the flagstones. What is going on? Are the wild stories that reached Londinium true? Are creatures made of snow preying on the living? Kyng has his pistols and potash just in case!


The glass in the window of Jaysorc Kyng's room in the Moskova Imperial Palace was crusted with ice around its edges. In the room to which the window belonged a hansom Orc adjusted his immaculate silk jacket and cravat looking at this reflection in rather than the night outside. Behind him his buxom young 'assistant' Naydune wrung her hands in fear. Jaysorc was not a soap seller...well of actual soap at least..he was really a spy working for Bureau Ess and the Britorcn Government. He was about climb out of the window to find out just why ambassadors from allied nations had been vanishing while staying here in the Imperial Palace.

“Must you go, its really dangerous. Why not stay here and have a coffee?”

A wide smile as he opened the window and freezing air rushed into the room.

“A bit too early for coffee. I think I would prefer a Scotch.”

Naydune bridled at this and replied. “Jaysorc you drink too much and it is a long way down to the courtyard”

Ensuring his pistols were secure in their holsters the agent mounted the ledge and turned to face the pouting Orcess.

“Thank you. Also whenever I feel the urge to exercise I lie down until it passes.”

Testing his rope Kyng began his descent towards the ground instructing Naydune to close the pane when he was clear of it. It only took a minute or so to work his way down the rope and when he was only a few feet up his assistant leaned over the sill and since she was clad only in an immodest silken singlet the sight she gave Jaysorc caused him to slip and fall heavily on his right leg. Naydune called out asking if he was injured as the spy got to his feet on the stone flags.

“Am I alright you ask? I'm in agony...my trousers are ruined!”

With an angry grunt and baring her tusks the Orcess slammed the window shut leaving Jaysorc Kyng alone in the dark with only a short distance to travel to the ornate entrance to the crypt. He would find out what was going on. Why the ambassadors of Ostaria, Krautia and Skandavia had vanished leaving only a patch of snow behind when other arrived. Rumours spoke of strange creatures prowling. Creatures hard to escape or to kill but vulnerable to potash which was handy since around his waist Jaysorc had several grenades containing it. It was strange though how these nobles had just vanished. It was a clear night and after ensuring his hair was perfectly curled he began the walk to the crypt.

He had not taken four steps before a thick mist began to fill the whole massive courtyard and soon it was impossible to see more than a candle's span of light in a dark room. Then noises began which sounded like heavy sacks of sand or such behind dropped and then dropped again.

“Now that is perplexing. Rum thing. In the mist it is!”

Jaysorc drew a pistol and readied a grenade. He would make it to the crypt solve the mystery... and make it back to the room for a celebration.


The Scenario Objectives

This is a fast play scenario for one player set in an enclosed courtyard in Moskova. You should be familiar with the full game rules as laid out in a Flintloque game book plus the free rules for Snowmen in Flintloque on the Alternative Armies website and while miniatures are recommended you can use any you wish. Pay attention to unique rules and conditions in this scenario as they are there to add extra fun. Enjoy!

Bureau Ess

You are the finest spy... or at least the most suave and well dressed spy... in the world Jaysorc Kyng. You must cross the mist shrouded courtyard to the crypt entrance without being killed as that would really ruin your chances with the ladies.

The Snowmen

Doctorov has new troops and while there are not many of them they are very dangerous. The Snowmen are not sure where the mortal is and have split up to find him. He must not enter the crypt and learn the terrible truth!

The Set Up

The scenario takes place on a rolling playing area with a strange set up. It is a flat stone covered courtyard which is centred upon the character of Jaysorc as he moves and it is only visible for 20cm around his position. He knows where he has to head so all you need do is pay attention to the special rules. Jaysorc begins the game on the table and the Snowmen enter later as outlined.

Game Length and Present Conditions

This scenario is time dependent and lasts for ten full turns. Each turn Jaysorc must move and there is the chance the Snowmen will appear and try to stop him. He must cover a total of 120cm in ten turns so keep a note of his movement total each turn so that he reaches the crypt entrance. If he does he wins. If not then the Snowmen win. The air is filled with a strange green fog which hinders vision but has no other effect and otherwise the weather is still. Refer to the Scenario Special Conditions for this scenario for any rules mechanics that deviate from those found in Flintloque 3rd edition game books.

Scenario Special Conditions

Almost all Flintloque scenarios go a little beyond the normal game play mechanics and these are known as Scenario Special Conditions. In this part of the scenario all of the unique or adapted mechanics to be used in this scenario are presented. You must implement the mechanics here alongside those in the game book and expansion book that apply. Where they overlap the mechanics of the scenario take president position. As always use common sense and if in doubt toss a coin…a Kyng’s Shilling of course!

Jaysorc Kyng: While there is a full character profile for the Bureau Ess hero Orc it is not needed in this short scenario. Play him as an Albion Orc who is Legendary / Regular / Elite and is armed with two standard pistols and three Potash Grenades as well as a Sword.

Snowmen: Alternative Armies has created a free article with rules for Snowmen in games of Flintloque. You can find this as a download on our website here. When snowmen appear in this scenario create, use and arm them as per this uniformation article. Each time a snowman appears alternate between a firelock armed one and a melee only armed one.

Getting to the Crypt and the Fog: As outlined this is a strange solo play scenario where the objective is to move through the fog to reach the crypt entrance. Jaysorc must move at least 5cm per turn and must by the end of the tenth turn have covered 120cm total movement or he has lost the game. Choose a direction and proceed in that general direction each turn with only a deviation of 5cm either side in dodging around hostile characters. The fog limits vision to 20cm around Jaysorc and anything which leaves that range is taken out of play as it can no longer be seen by him nor see him.

Arrival of Snowmen: The nefarious creations of Doctorov are out in force to stop anyone from reaching the crypt and the chilling (or some would say frozen water) truth of what has happened to the visiting diplomats. They did not reckon on an Orc such as Mr Kyng through has he has an unerring sense of direction and will find the crypt so the Snowmen must stop him. Sadly they are not too bright (a brain made of snow will do that to you) so the are randomly wandering the courtyard and only have a chance of spotting the agent. At the start of each turn of the game roll 1D10 and follow the result.

1-5 No Snowmen Appear this Turn.
6-9 One Snowman Appears this Turn.
10 Two Snowmen Appear this Turn.

When a Snowman is rolled up and appears in play it is placed 1D10+3cm ahead of Jaysorc on the playing area and activates after he does. If two Snowmen are to be put into the game then the second one is placed 1D10-1cm (minimum is base to base contact) in front of Jayson as it surprised him. In play Snowmen will fire any ranged weapon they have and then will not reload it. Instead they will attempt to get into close combat range with Jaysorc and harass and delay him; they know he is on the clock.

Firelocks and Potash Grenades: Follow the Snowmen in Flintloque rules for the effect of black powder fire upon these creatures. Jaysorc carries special grenades which are pretty rubbish against most enemies but are deadly against creatures made of snow. He may use one of his store of these per turn and treat it as a standard grenade for range and so forth. Any Snowman hit by a potash grenade is automatically killed and melts removed from play.

Optional Scenario Changes

This scenario is rather flexible and indeed can be used in other settings. Here are some ways to vary the difficultly of the adventure for both sides.

Firstly you can make it tougher by removing the Potash Grenades from Jaysorc or indeed by reducing the game to eight turns rather than ten. For a true challenge when rolling for Snowmen treat a single appearance as a double and a double as a triple! If you are finding it difficult to win as Kyng then increase the stock of grenades to five and instead of pistols give him a standard blunderbuss. Lastly you could put Naydune the Orcess into play aiding Jaysorc as a regular experience level Orc armed with a blunderbuss.

Solo Play of This Scenario

This scenario is meant to be played solo. You do not need to make use of the ‘silent player’ that being the bolt on mechanics for solo play found in all Flintloque game books as the motivation the Snowmen is very simple. As outlined they will fire upon Jaysorc before attempting close combat to slow him down or kill him.

Recommended Miniature Codes

There is no official miniature for Jaysorc Kyng but you can use any Orc officer in your collection such as those in 54506 Orc Command or 54013 Dismounted Dragoons. If you wish to put in his assistant then a female Orc from 54502 Orc Camp Followers will do the trick. Make use of SN07 and SN08 for the Snowmen and one pack of three of each should be enough to play the scenario out in full. You will need a copy of 5026 Death in the Snow game book as well though you can use 5025 War in Catalucia too if you have it.

(All of the above is available over on Alternative Armies' excellent website, click here or on the AA logo below to have a shufty. - Craig A, Editor)

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Designers Notes

A rather different and fun festive scenario written for Orcs in the Webbe following up on 'Carted Off Screaming' it is my second tribute of the season and this time it is for the now lost from us Peter Wyngarde who died this year. This scenario was lost in the aether and had to be re-written from a near complete draft and hand written play testing notes. It can be played in about fifteen minutes once familiar and makes a neat change from stand up fights or more complex adventures. Get to the crypt! We may well have a Jaysorc Kyng miniature made if it is requested and this scenario can be played out with other characters as the mechanics will work just fine for other Undead or any night fighter trying for instance to escape. I own the entire Department S and Jason King series on DVD and while times have changed they are still very entertaining and it was my pleasure to offer this missive up to a man who was, for a time, the most suave fellow in the world! Rest well sir.

Gavin Syme (GBS)
December 2018


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The above scenario was published on Orcs in the Webbe on the 13th December 2018 as part of its 2018 Advent Calendar.