'Don't Shoot The Messenger'

A Flintloque Scenario by CJ Hooper


The Taffsea legend that is Owain Dunglowerin takes on the might of Albion's Rekhardt Sharke as both race to capture a Ferach spymaster, the wily La Verre Au Voir.


Introducing Owain Dunglowerin 

Even Captain Sharke was prone to petty grudges and this one was no less petty. Despite his disrespect for authority and his own mean origins Sharkey had a problem with rebels, especially if they bit the grubby hand that fed. Owain Dunglowerin was one such rebel. Dunglowerin was a Taffssea Captain who’d led a rebellion of Taffsea Miners against the rule of Albion for many years. However in the light of the Ferach war and the greedy paws of Mordred the Taffsea Captain had brought his Hobgoblins into line alongside the Orcs of Albion.

Sharke liked not the fact that Owain was a rebel that had been pardoned without so much as a whipping, he liked even less the fact that Dunglowerin had previously been a paramour of La Spiga... Sharkey’s Missus.

The Mission

Owain and his Hobgoblins are laying in wait to ambush a Ferach spy. The word from Wheeling-Turn’s intelligencers is that La Verre au Voir, Ferach agent to Mordred his very self, would be passing through this particular valley on his way out of Catalucia.

La Verre was cunning, Owain had been warned that this spy was not alone and had disguised himself as a Catalucian Rebel Outrider in order to pass unchallenged. Dunglowerin was a tough Hobgoblin and would not fall for this.

Sharkey however has the ear of Major Hogan and soon learned of Owain Dunglowerin's orders. Here was a chance to show up his one time rival and shame him for al to see. The Rifles would also get to the valley and claim the collar of La Verre.

Both Dunglowerin and Sharke were aware of one further issue – La Verre had to be taken alive to be of use to Wheeling-Turn.

The Valley

The ambush is to take place in a vale of many low hills with a ruined farmstead at the centre. The furthest end narrows to a slight egress.

Dunglowerin and his Hobgoblins have decided that the comfort of the farmstead would suit them better than waiting the rain for an Elf on a horse, besides they’d keep watch for anyone passing through.

Sharke’s Rifles arrive a little late on the scene from the steep valley sides, scraping and sliding down the steep slope.

La Verre was not stupid, he was aware of his vulnerability and therefore clad a handful of Voltiguers in the manner of Catalucian Guerrillas to match his own disguise as an Outrider. His masterstroke was to bring along a decoy, one of his most trusted aides had been made to don some of La Verre’s disguise kit also.

There would be two Catalucian outriders passing the valley that day.

Victory Conditions

Taffsea – capture La Verre alive – Major Victory
A draw may be forced by killing La Verre to prevent his escape

Britorcs – Capture La Verre alive – Major Victory
A draw may be forced by killing La Verre to prevent his escape.

Ferach – For La Verre to escape through the narrow pass at the end of the valley.
Neither Taffsea nor Britorc are anticipating La Verre’s Decoy or his backup troops. In keeping with Lord Wheeling Turn’s orders – both outriders must be taken alive.

Special Rules

The Ferach player will secretly note the identity of La Verre and the Decoy before the game starts. This identity will be revealed at the end assuming both outriders have been taken alive.

To capture an outrider they must be engaged in combat and successfully beaten as if wounded provided the player subduing states that they are doing such at the start of combat.

Neither Taffsea nor Britorc will be fussed about killing the ranking Ferach or each other to achieve their ends. Such is the nature of the jealousy between Dunglowerin and Sharke.


As this scenario was run for newbies to Flintloque all troops were considered average ecept for unit leaders who were Veterans. (Except Sharke who is ALWAYS Legendary – just cos!)

Captain Sharke and 5 Rifles

La Verre – Mounted Outrider, another Outrider, 5 Average Voltiguers and One veteran Volitguer

Owain Dunglowerin (Veteran) and 7 Hobgoblins


'What Happened Next...'
An After Action Report of the Above
As Playtested By CJ Hooper, Alan Mordey and Martin Cutbill
Photographs by Martin Cutbill

Sharke’s Rifles took the initiative and legged it for the narrow end of the pass, their plan to sit in wait for La Verre, all well and good so long as Dunglowerin’s Hobgoblins don’t get him first.

The Ferach troops kept together heading towards the far side of the valley hoping to skirt around the enemy.

The Taffsea troopers seek to close them down....


Dunglowerin’s Hobgoblin’s massacre the Ferach troops and close in on the Outriders, one of whom escapes and doubles back around the farm house at a speed unmatched by the enemy on foot.

The Rifles seeing the Elven Outrider surrounded by Hobgoblins leap into action to prevent a Taffsea whitewash...


The Elven spy (possibly...) is knocked from his Unicorn by Owain himself with a swift stroke of the blunt side of his pick axe knocking him senseless... (remember he must be taken alive....)


Sharke is close at hand and between himself and Harpy that engage the Hobgoblins at close range..... this is where it gets messy.... sadly no artists impression is available....

Only very bloody Orcs emerge with their unconscious captive, their enemies both Elf and Hobgoblin have been neutralised.

On the far side two Ferach Elves make a break for freedom to the now unguarded narrow egress...

One on horseback and one Voltiguer.... the brave Ferach encounter four hobgoblins lying in waiting expecting just such a trick....


A brave Voltiguer leaps into the fray and as the horse and rider fly to freedom the Elf is set upon by Hobgoblins their unloaded rifles no use but to club with...

The Outrider speeds away to what seems like freedom, reckoning without two Rifleorcs of note, 'Arris and Hagsmun.

There are two loud cracks from the near valley slopes... 'Arrisdrops the mount with a single shot, Hagsmun, likewise, the rider... and thus the Rifles legend carries on.

On achieving consciousness it appears that La Verre has been captured and his decoy fulfilled his role dying at the very end...

Who knows what secrets Wheeling-Turn may learn.....?


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