'A Jolly Jaunt in the Country'

A Flintloque Scenario by 'Snorri'

The First Scenario of the Mercano/Barracotz/Castillo Campaign
Set in/around Eldorado during the Mordredian Wars


Three Guerrilla groups are fighting in the same area but have opposing politics. So even though they tolerate each other, they often fight amongst themselves. Usually without too much provocation. Sometimes without any at all...


Group Briefings

Gieurillos De Barracotz (The Peoples Democratic Force)

Capitano Mercura il Geranic

This is your chance to show up those oppressive cruel Castillos the error of their ways and to show once and for all that the Democratic Republiqe do things more efficiently!

Also be careful of those tyrannical Meracanos. They cannot be trusted !

Capitano Mecura Giurr, Guerrilla Regular Dark Elf, High Elf Musket, Standard Pistol, Knife
Orc Advis Gratton, Regular Experienced Orc, East Valonian Chicken Rifle, Sword, Knife
"Nco" Gretil Yey, Guerrilla Veteran Dark Elf, Dwarf Musket Mk2, Knife
Fellipe, Guerrilla Average Dark Elf, Dark Elf Musketoon, Knife
Meraanil, Guerrilla Average Dark Elf, Banner, 2 Pistols, Knife
Ricardo, Guerrilla Raw Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife
Perin, Guerrilla Raw Dark Elf, Fowl Gun, Knife

Gieurillos De Meracono

Capitano Slvyem Contessa De Meracono

Contessa this is your chance to show those damn Republicans from Barracotz that your estates are happy being in a state of serfdom. It's the natural order !! 

Watch out for the Castillos they have always been jealous of your wealth and prosperity.

Contessa Slvyem, Guerilla Average Dark Elf, 2 Elf Duelling Pistols, Sword
Reg Advis Relano, Regular Experienced Dark Elf, Pistol, Sword
"Nco" Roberto, Guerilla Veteran Dark Elf, Bakur Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Selemm The Maid, Guerilla Average Dark Elf, Pistol, High Elf Musket, Knife
Foshkil, Regular Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife
Giullan, Guerilla Regular Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife
Mellowe, Guerilla Regular Dark Elf, Sandard Musket, Knife

Gieurillos De Castillo

Capitano Giuleme De Castillo

Giuleme this is your chance show up to those damm Meracanos. They have been showing you up for years - "Their wine is better!", "They make better wagons", "They make this better!", "They make that better!". Damn, it makes your blood boil!!!

Be careful of those Barracotzians They can't be trusted either!

Giuleme, Guerilla Raw Dark Elf, 2 Elf Duelling Pistols, Sword
Advis Notgor, Regular Experienced Orc, Orc Pistol, Sword
"NCO" Feril, Guerilla Veteran Dark Elf, Pistol, Fowl Gun, Knife
Derila, Guerilla Average Dark Elf, Banner, 2 Pistols, Knife
Meraanil, uerilla Average Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife
Giuseppe, Guerilla Raw Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife
Dero Ithil, Guerilla Raw Dark Elf, Standard Musket, Knife


The Guerrillas are behind enemy lines trying to smash the Ferach supply lines in their area.

Terrain (Starting From the Right hand Section)

This game requires a 4 foot deep and 8 foot long table. It should be divided into 4 x 4 foot deep & 2 foot wide sections

A road should snake from one side of the first section. It should snake wildly and it should end in the opposite corner. 

The terrain for the first 3 sections should be full of 1 & 2 level contour hillocks and small areas of rocks and shrubs.

None of the Terrain (except the following special terrain pieces) should be closer than 10cms from the road.

Special Terrain

Church = In section 2 there is a small church building 4 inches by 8 inches with walled grave yard behind with an assortment of gravestones and mausoli etc. This should be placed against the road (with the graveyard behind of course).

Sentry Hill = This is sort of a lie their is no sentry tower up there but it is a 2 foot square hill, 4-5 contours high with a flat plateau on top. This should be placed in section 3 on the opposite side of the road to the Church in section 2.

Ducrass Spinney = This is a spinney (a small area of trees and bushes) in a figure "8" shape that parallels the road in the opposite corner of section 1.

Ferach Camp = This is a 2 foot square camp In one half of the 4th section. It should be filled with tents and other assorted bits and pieces - guards, camp followers, etc. The road goes past it and branches off to the camp gate.


The Supply Train begins at the start of the road in Section 1 and is headed for the Ferach Camp (see below). The players set up anywhere on the board as long as it is in cover and not visible from the camp or the supply train.


The players have to capture as many mules laden with supplies as possible.

The Supply Train

There are 9 mules and one cart.

There are 2 Lanciers Rouge Outriders.

There are 9 Todoroni acting as muleskinners (mule drivers) with Todoroni 1 officer and a Large Todoroni Sergeant

The muleskinners are all Raw Militia armed with standard muskets.

The officer is an average Todoroni Militia armed with 4 Ferach pistols.

The Sergeant is a Veteran Regular with an 'Ogre Bessie'

The Lanciers Rouge are Average Regulars armed with pistols and lances.

The column will advance at Walk Rate until a enemy model is visible (even only slightly), then it will run for the camp (any mules that "protest" (see below) will be abandoned)

"Protesting" Mules

Mules "do not like" any of the following things:

(1) Anybody alive.
(2) Unknown Handlers.
(3) Running.
(4) Everything else in the world not covered by (1) (2) & (3).

Every time a mule is asked to run or the first time a player model grabs the reins make an opposed roll. D6 for the mule (or D8 if it's a new Handler) and a D6 for each player trying to gain control of the mule. If the handler wins the mule runs / settles down. if the mule wins it kicks the handler/s for 1 point of damage.

The Chance of the Camp Hearing the Fighting

There is a chance of any musket Fire alerting the camp to the attack on the supply column:

Section 1 25% Chance
Section 2 50% Chance
Section 3 75% Chance
Section 4 100% Chance

When the camp is alerted 10 new Average Regular Elf line leaves it every turn until the end of the game.

Who Wins? (Victory Points)


Every own model dead -2
Every own model wounded -1 (not cumulative per wound)

Section One

Every Ferach allied model killed +1
Every mule captured +5
Cart captured +10

Section Two

Every Ferach allied model killed +2
Every mule captured +10
Cart captured +20

Section Three

Every Ferach allied model killed +3
Every mule captured +15
Cart captured +30

Section Four

Every Ferach allied model killed +5
Every mule captured +25
Cart captured +50

Note that it counts for a particular section the Firing / Fighting model is standing in.

Miniatures Used:

Capitano Mecura = Le02 Fernando

Orc Advis Gratton - Converted model Sorry!

"Nco" Gretil Yey = 51003 Long Coat And Flouncy Hat From Amorican Deserters

Fellipe = Le07 Model in Long wool Cloak and carbine

Meraanil = Converted

Ricardo = any

Perin = 51505 Model from Boxed Set with wide Mexican Hat and Blunderbuss

Contessa Slvyem = Le05 La spiga on foot

Reg Advis Relano - any regular H/D,elf officer

"Nco" Roberto = Le05 Male in Bandana

Selemm The Maid - Le05 Female with Shouldered Musket

Foshkil = Any Del Nino Cisco Trooper

Giullan = any

Mellowe = any

Giuleme = Either of the two officer versions from 51001

Orc Advis Notgor = 54506 Darstadly Officer from Orc command boxed set

"Nco" Feril = 51505 Boxed set from boxed Set Bandanna with Blunderbuss Down

Derila = converted

Meraanil - any

Giuseppe = any

Dero ithil = any


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Webmaster's Notes

The above scenario was originally published on the sadly now defunct Flintloque Yahoo Group (latterly called 'Historcy') on the 20th November 1999. 

It was first published on Orcs in the Webbe on the 17th December 2023 as the twelfth entry in that year's Advent Calendar and, of course, is part of Orcs in the Webbe's ongoing Flintloque Archive Project.

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