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"The Mechonoids"

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Mechonoids are the name given to a type of servitor robot encountered by the Doctor on the planet Mechanus. Originally sent to prepare the planet for human colonisation, they were left to their own devices when the colonists failed to appear. When astronaut Steven Taylor crash landed, they imprisoned him as he did not have the correct control codes to override their programming.

A force of time travelling Daleks chasing the TARDIS crew engage the Mechonoids in battle, allowing them to escape (with Steven, unknown to them), while the Mechonoid created city burns.

Mechonoids are human sized, robots with spherical bodies comprised of triangular panels. They have a communications array atop their bodies and two retractable manipulator arms. In addition they are equipped with a short range flamethrower.

Mechonoid programming is very limited, and they are unable to deal with situations they have not been programmed for. On Mechanus, they perceived every lifeform they encountered as a threat to the still to arrive colonists, leading to them attempting to capture or destroy the intruders.

A comprehensive history of the Mechonoids collated from on and off-screen sources is given here:


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mechonoids preview



Mechonoid, Abandoned robot
Move 6
Def 5
Hits 2
Str 3
Agi 2
Int 5
Morale 9

Weapon / Range / Hit / Str / Notes

Manipulator Arm / melee / 4+ / 3 / 2 / Attacks, Grab
Flamethrower / special / 4+ / 4 / 4” / Fire Effect

Noteable Appearances: The Chase

Special Rules

Body Armour, Mechanoid

4” Fire Effect: This counts as a shooting attack. Place the Blast 4” template adjacent to this model, with the whole template in this model’s front 180º arc. All models under the template which are hit gain 1 fire marker if they survive.

Armoured Shell: This model is automatically destroyed if it falls from any height and cannot go prone. It can break free from melee combat with no penalty.

Grab: Models attacked by this weapon take no damage but must make one Str test for each Manipulator arm which has grabbed them in order to be able to move in their own turns. Otherwise they are moved when the Mechonoid moves. Only one model can be grabbed at once.

Armoured Shel vs Grab: Models with the Armoured Shell special ability can ignore the Grab rules.


mechonoid city
The Mechanoid City high atop the jungles of Mechanus

dalek v mechonoid
The Mechnoids battle the Daleks in their jungle city

doctor ian barbara
The Doctor, Barbera, Ian and Vicki encounter a Mechonoid


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