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"The Vashta Nerada"

A Doctor Who Miniatures Game Article by David Agnew

vashta nerada

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The Vashta Nerada are a swarming microscopic lifeform, individually weak, but powerful in great numbers, able to strip flesh in microseconds. They look like shadows, and are the reason so many races have a fear of the dark. They are normally peaceful, but will become agressive if they feel they or their habitats are under threat. Leaving an area of Vashta Nerada infestation is the wisest course, although they can be bargained with.

The Tenth Doctor encountered the Vashta Nerada on an unnamed planet, which was one massive library.

Note: Beware! The Vashta Nerada can quickly turn all your models into monsters and make it much harder for you to achieve your objectives. They are also a great choice for a third side, played by neither the hero or villain player, but working against both. Simply place the template where it can get the best D6 roll.

A comprehensive history of the Vashta Nerada collated from on and off-screen sources is given here:


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vashta nerada card



Shadowy killer
Move 4
Def 6
Hits 1
Str 4
Agi 1
Int 9
Morale 9

Weapon / Range / Hit / Str / Notes



Microscopic creatures of the darkness, Vashta Nerada exist peacefully on many planets, including Earth. They can be lethal if they feel their forests are threatened.

Special Rules


Almost Invincible: Vashta Nerada can only suffer damage as a result of an invention. The Weakness result allows any model to damage them.

Parley: A model within 4” of a Vashta Nerada model can make an opposed Int test with it, maximum of one attempt per turn. On the turn a successful test was made the Vashta Nerada cannot use their Who Turned Out The Lights? ability.

Who Turned Out The Lights?: At the start of the monster player’s turn, place the blast template anywhere on the table, covering at least part of at least one model. Roll 1D6., you can reroll this die if there are any Vashta Nerada models under the template. If this roll is less or equal to the total number of models and scenic items covered by the template, one model under the template loses 1 hit. If that model now has 0 hits it is now a Vashta Nerada model.


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