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"Rig Run 1: The Hollidays are Coming!"

A Devil's Run Scenario by Mark Rapson

the hollidays

Mark Rapson, creator of Devil's Run, has once again penned a festive scenario for players of the post-apocalyptic vehicle battle game. In "The Hollidays are Coming!" rival gangs take on a Warrig hoping to collect the most trademarked brown syrupy fizzy drink they can. Complete with a fully formatted PDF and a new character card, Doc Holliday himself.


To download this scenario as a fully formatted PDF produced by Word Forge Games, just click on the preview image below to download. - Craig, Editor.

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Mission Description

When the big red rig arrives in town, everyone gets excited. Doc Holliday’s special brown syrup is both fizzy and tasty, it gives you a 5 minute high and rotten teeth, (but what a high)! A ferore rushes around the city...the Hollidays are coming, the Hollidays are coming....

Game Length

10 Turns

Doc Holliday

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Warrig: Warrig with no weapon or gear upgrades, but driven by Doc Holliday
Gang 1: $50k
Gang 2: $50k

Tile Setup

Any 4 Tiles.

Place the Warrig in the centre of Tile 3 and the 2 players then roll off. The winner chooses Orange or Blue and places a vehicle on one of the corresponding squares on Tile 1. Continue deployment as normal.

Special Rules

AutoRig: The Rig is a non-playable vehicle. It will always move its maximum movement directly forward; unless forced to avoid Impassable terrain- in which case roll a D6. On a 1-3 it will move left and on a 4-6 it will move right.

Use only Straight Road tiles in this mission.

The Warrig always moves last.

Any vehicle hit by the Warrig may complete an E test or is considered involved in the appropriate Offensive move action (by the Warrig).

Collecting Chassis Points (CP): When a vehicle is forced to discard CP tokens due to offensive damage caused by an opposing vehicle, instead they are collected by the opposing gang.

Note: Damage caused by a defending vehicle in an Offensive move action does not count as offenisve damage.

Doc’s Medicine: CP gained from the Holliday’s Warrig are worth double.

Mission Objective

The objective for both playable gangs is to have collected the most CP when the game ends. The winner gets a fizzy brown drink!

About Devil's Run

Devil’s Run was officially released at Salute 2016, after a successful Kickstarter campaign in mid-2015. The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a fast-moving and hard-hitting vehicular combat board game set in a post-apocalyptic America; a dark and barbaric place in the very near future, where World War 3 has seen the demise of half the world. Twenty years after the war, those that have survived must fight for everything. Post-apocalyptic North America is a feudal land where only the toughest survive.

The Devil’s Run is primarily a pickup-and-play board game, but is also the entry point to a campaign and gang building experience. It is a 20mm car game, perfect for people to convert and create their own vehicles from toy cars available in every supermarket and toy store. Each player controls a gang of ramshackle vehicles and their characterful drivers as they race across the remains of America to lay claim to aid drops, food and fuel. Each gang will do whatever it takes to get to there first... bash, crash, smash, race, win!

The game is currently available direct from the Word Forge Games website


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! This scenario was written exclusively for Orcs in the Webbe and was first published on the 21st December 2017 as part of its 2017 Advent Calendar.