• Koop and Mursh

    Paleodracologists Koop and Mursh clash with each other (not to mention some Native Eastern Valonian Centaurs) over the ownership of ancient bones. Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition.

  • Kraggy Tor

    During the ill-fated "Forty-five" Rebellion, Joccian patriots under Bob "Boy" Mc Groggy sought to secure their country's independence from the rule of their Orcish overlords. Re-enact one of the battles with this classic Flintloque scenario updated with notes for use with 3rd Edition.

  • Babbette's NIght Out

    Babbette's NIght Out

    The Gnomish partisans of Dûn Nomin try to collect some supply crates dropped by their Orcish allies whilst avoiding the deadly Dwarf patrols in thisPanzerfäuste scenario for two players and a GM.