From the very dawn of time, the Land existed. Invaded, colonised, deserted and invaded once more, and always fighting against the darkness that dwelt in the Northern Seas. The Land was rich with Magic, a place for Heroes, Gods and Monsters. This Land has been and shall always be - Erin.

Alternative Armies' character based skirmish level wargame for use with their range of 28mm Celtic Mythology miniatures.


Rugg the Cruel has been using ancient portals to raid unsuspecting Sidhe settlements. However the vigilance and planning of Huyen of Kilia at Byloco Hill has led to a conflict. Realising his band is outnumbered Rugg has decided to poison the settlements well before escaping back to the darkness of the sea. The Huyen's warband is the Sidhe settlements only hope.

Having failed to stop Rugg from poisoning the Byloco Hill well, Huyen knew he had to seek out the source of the portals the Fomor were using. His quest has led him deep into the green woods as discovered from the words of a dying Fomor warrior, only Gerrta the Sea Devil knows how to locate the ancient Gateway Rugg is using.