flintloque-logo-304x90'The Smashing of the Van...

...and Taking of the Michaels'

A Flintloque Scenario by Matthew Hartley


The Mix try to liberate two of thier captured comrades from the clutches of the Orcs of Albion.



The story of the Turnip Tax riots and the insurrection in Guinelea are well known. Less known are the incidents of rebellion amongst Bog-Orc labourers in the grim southern industrial towns of Albion. Towns such as Mudcesster, Leaks, and Buggerhum were filled with immigrant labour from Guinelea. Trouble-makers ( no doubt funded by Mordred ) continually agitated the Navels ( as the Bog-Orcs labourers were known ), and incidents of violence were common. Two particularly nefarious Bog-Orcs, Killee and Deezee by name, founded a secret society The Order of Mic Miclaind ( after the heroic figure of Guinelean legend). Widely known as "The Mix", they terrorised the rookeries of Mudcesster until the leaders were arrested.


In this scenario the Mix are determined to liberate their gallant leaders from the prison van taking them to certain death in Londinium.

The Mix

The Mix are a 20 strong band of Bog-Orcs. Their leader is an former Sergeant, and is Experienced, he is assisted by an Average Corporal . Of the remainder, 10 are Raw, and 8 are Average. The unit is classed as Guerrillas. Between them, they have 1 Blunderbuss, 4 Muskets, 2 Pistols, 12 Knives, and unlimited small improvised weapons.

The Prisoners are both Experienced Bog-Orcs, their manacles can be used as large improvised weapons.

The Mix must spring the prisoners by stopping the prison van, overcoming the guards, and breaking the lock on the van door, and escaping. They know that the prisoners will not be hurt by the guards unless they are out of the van or attacking a guard.

The Experienced Mix all have "the luck of the Guineleans" are at + 10% to any improbable action they try.

The Guards

The Guards are in two groups, the van guards themselves and the cavalry escort.

The cavalry escort is 9 strong. It is led by an Average sergeant, 2 of the Troopers are also Average, the remaining 6 are Raw. All are mounted, and carry swords. The Sergeant also carries a pistol. The unit is classed as Militia. They move as light cavalry.

There are 5 Guards. The Sergeant is Experienced, three of the others are Average, and the remainder are Raw. The Sergeant has a (non-service) blunderbuss and a sword. His fellows have muskets and bayonets. Two of the guards can be in the van with the prisoners. One guard must drive the van, he can perform no other action whilst doing so. Another sits next to the driver, whilst the last sits on the back of the van .

The van is essentially an enclosed partially armoured stage coach. Guards inside the van can fire out of loop holes around the van but cannot themselves be targeted. The only way to get to the guards (and the prisoners) is to break the van's lock. This can be done by a blunderbuss shot at less than 5cm, or by attempting to destroy the lock in melee combat. The lock rolls 6+1d10, its attacker does not take damage from a failed attempt but can perform no other action that turn. The van moves at the speed of heavy cavalry, however, if one of the four horses are shot, the van cannot move until the horse is cut free (which takes one turn) and the speed will then be reduced by 25%. Moving anywhere off-road will reduce its movement by 50%.

The Guards begin moving along the road in whatever formation they like, they must continue to move along the road until they are attacked.

The guards may not attack the prisoners unless they are attacked by them, or they are escaping.


Webmaster's Notes

This scenario is one of Matthew Hartley's hugely popular Tales of Albion which was published back in the nineties on Mike Baumann's Filbanto Stew website. which has long since passed into the West.

It was first published on Orcs in the Webbe on the 7th December 2007 as part the 2007 Advent Calendar. After an absence of several years due to a prior regeneration of the website it returned on the 7th November 2014.