Everybody Loves Filbanto Stew!

Everybody Loves Filbanto Stew! was originally the Flintloque sub-site of Mike Baumann's gaming pages, Filbanto Stew. Here on Orcs in the Webbe I am proud to present the Flintloque content from that site right here for your reading pleasure.

Below you can read the original intoduction blurb from the nineties...


A lone Goblin threaded his way through the maze of tents, baggage and weapons which made up the Al-Garvey camp. Everywhere he went he could hear the sounds of wounded soldiers crying out in pain. But even the moans of agony could not drown out the rumble of his belly as he searched the camp for food.

Ahead, apart from the main camp, he saw the glow of a small fire. In it's ruddy light he could make out the figure of a gnarled goblin slowly stirring a black, iron kettle with a saw-toothed, sword bayonet. He considered his chances of jumping the cook and making off with the kettle before anyone was the wiser. They were well apart from the main camp; almost as if the others were afraid to be near this twisted soldier.

"What are you starin' at pup?"

The question startled him. Before he could react, the cook was upon him; the needle-sharp tip of the sword bayonet pressed against his throat.

"I'm Sergeant Filbanto, First Cacadores. Huh, I sees you know who I is now. Me reputation proceeds me, eh? I'm warnin' ya lad. Don't cross me, or you'll find out just how sharp this here bayonet really is."

Welcome to my Flintloque Site. The purpose of these pages is to help expand the wonderful world of Valon. Just like Filbanto Stew this site will contain a lot of unknown and unrecognizable objects. Hopefully it will be as savory as that Goblin Sergeant's concoction. Now, prepare to enter the exciting world of Valon.


Tag Type: Archived Web Site
Point of View: Real World

Mike Baumann has recently restarted Filbanto Stew following his current gaming advenutres, you can check it out here.

  • West Side Sortie

    Captured by Ferach forces Bette awaits execution in the prison of a small fishing town, all is not lost however as her true love, Oratio 'Horny' Hornblairer, is just off the coast and is headed to rescue her with some stalwart Royule Albion Navie marines in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • Horny & Bette

    This is the story of True Lust. A lust which transcends the boundaries of race and war to bring together the finest of Albion’s Orchood with the plucky charm of a Ferach maid. A classic scenario from the Flintloque Archive.

  • Starlight Underground

    Bette has become the scourge of Mordred's secret police, liberating loyalists from the very jaws of death in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • A Midnight Feast

    A Midnight Feast

    Back home, away from the Mordredian Wars, lower class Orcs are forced into poaching to feed thier familes.

  • Koop and Mursh

    Paleodracologists Koop and Mursh clash with each other (not to mention some Native Eastern Valonian Centaurs) over the ownership of ancient bones. Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition.

  • The Smashing of the Van

    The Mix try to liberate two of thier captured comrades from the clutches of the Orcs of Albion.

  • Balls to the Wall

    Join Hauptmann Steiner as he attempts to kidnap two Finkelstein Generals worshipping at a most holy (holey?) Dwarven shrine in this classic Flintloque scenario from the nineties.

  • Sharke's Breakfast

    At the siege of Badjobz, before the storming of the breaches, Captains Sharke (of Albion's Rifles) and Porcaria (of Al Garvey's Caçadores) make a bet to meet each other for breakfast whilst the war against the Ferach Elves continues on around them. Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition.

  • Kraggy Tor

    During the ill-fated "Forty-five" Rebellion, Joccian patriots under Bob "Boy" Mc Groggy sought to secure their country's independence from the rule of their Orcish overlords. Re-enact one of the battles with this classic Flintloque scenario updated with notes for use with 3rd Edition.