• The Relics of St. Labyrinthus

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! St. Labyrinthus (Patron Saint of ear trumpet makers, mushy pea eaters and chip farmers) is literally up for grabs in this adventure set in the Shirewood of Albion.

  • Release the Hounds

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A fun and fast stand alone game set in the popular Tales of Albion setting in which a group of convicts try to escape the justice of gnashing teeth following a prison break.

  • Marxism at Midnight

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Matthew Hartley returns (again) to the ever popular Tales of Albion setting with another fun and fast stand alone game.  Can the greaving followers of the Dwarven philosopher, revolutionary and tour guide, Skid Marx, escape Hangum Highgate cemetery before the restless spirits frightens them to death !

  • The Thrill of the Race

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Matthew Hartley once again returns to the ever popular Tales of Albion setting with this fun and fast mini-game in which two teams compete against each other in the annual Orcsfud and Kambrig boat race.

  • The Owl and Gristle Murders

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Back in Albion for Cryptmass, Lieutenant Wullam Rossorc and his rifleorcs stopped at the Owl and Gristle coaching inn near Londinium for a warm meal and good cheer. They did not in any way expect what they found there...

  • Owl Gristle and The Dragons

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Lieutenant Rossorc and his brave rifleorcs find themselves pitted against deadly creatures and Magicke unseen by Orcs since before the Time of Annul.

  • "...And He Had Raisins For Eyes!"

    "...and he had raisins for eyes!"

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! After a series of gruesome murders amongst the culinary community and it's customers, Valon's famed consulting detective Sherloque Holmes and his assistant, Dr Watsorc, have tracked the cinnamon scented beast responsible to it's lair.

  • A Right Royul Boxing Day

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! On St Shakey's Day, the day after Cryptmass, Kyng Gorge likes to get to know the common-folk of Albion in what is known throughout Albion as "Boxing Day", find out why in this Flintloque scenario for two, three or four players.

  • Coalfinger

    AnOrcs in the Webbe Original! Returning home to Caer Dyff, Austin is horrified to find his people in the thrall of the villainous Ernst Coalfinger, the Orc with the miner's touch...

  • Skyrimfall

    AnOrcs in the Webbe Original! A terrifying fire-breathing Dragon is terrorising the valeys of Taffsea, seemingly controlled by the meglomanical Hugo Dracci. Austin Powys, International Hobgoblin of Mystery, has been sent to investigate...

  • I Fought The Lore

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In this whip cracking Tale of Albion we find some prisoners on a chain gang serving out their sentence. Can the wardens keep order or will the gangs fulfill their secret objectives.

  • Remember, Remember

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A down on his luck Night Guard Captain and his somewhat less than able command must stop the reactionary Forcs and his followers from blowing up the palace in Londinium and killing good Kyng Gorge!

  • The Oh No Corral

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Three Orc brothers head to the small border town of Doomstone to help it's inefficient sherrif take on some local Joccian and Taffsea troublemakers.

  • The Triumph of General Nudd

    Spread urban discontent in Albion as the Nuddites march against the rise of technology and the much hated loom in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • Wreckers

    In parts of Albion some nefarious types trying to feed their families lure ships onto the rocks in a bid to harvest their cargo in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • A Midnight Feast

    A Midnight Feast

    Back home, away from the Mordredian Wars, lower class Orcs are forced into poaching to feed thier familes.

  • The Smashing of the Van

    The Mix try to liberate two of thier captured comrades from the clutches of the Orcs of Albion.

  • The Round Up

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In which Billy the Looser tries to get some Dodo's past some nefarious bandits.

  • The Baskervile's Hound

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Far from the gaslit streets of Londinium on the blasted heath of Dark Morr, the recent disappearance and brutal murder of a fair Orcish lass has led to an investigation by those renowned detectives Sherloque Homes and Dr Watsorc into the ancient Ostarian family, the Baskervile's.

  • May Contain Nuts!

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! During an afternoon ridiculing the sick over a bottle of grog at Bedlum a group of Londinium's over privileged upper class must fight for their lives and try and escape as they get caught in a breakout of Albion's madder citizens.