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"Rabble Rouser"

An Introductory HOF Fire Team Scenario by Gavin Syme


Prydian and Canlastrian Retained go up against each other with Neu-Boston's militia caught in the middle.


Get On the Tiles! - An Introduction to HOF Fire Team

HOF Fire Team is a dynamic tile based wargame which means that you may not be familiar with the way it works if you are used to an open table system that uses measured distances and not squares for movement and other ranges in play. That being said the mechanics of HOFFT (our little nickname for the game!) are simple and elegant and will not take long to learn. In fact using these starter scenarios, collectively titled "Get On the Tiles!" is a sure way to get you into the swing of the game even faster.


Scenario 4: Rabble Rouser

Information wins wars and don’t let anyone tell you anything different because they just plain don’t have the facts! Getting the facts can make you the victor and preventing anyone else from getting them will make sure of it. For Neu-Boston the vital facts were being held on a secure data terminal in small structure in Mendel Park but it would not be easy for Prydian Retained to get to it. Not only did the damn Cannies know about it but a group of the local militia were on guard too.

Varlet John Argyle knew the importance of this information and was determined to get it at any cost including his own safety. His superiors had not told him just what was on the terminal but that did not matter. His honour was at stake and if he allowed the Canlastrians to beat him or gods forbid a lowly militia to fend him off then his life would be unbearable under such a tarnishing cloud. Time to move in.


Scenario Objectives and Waypoint

This is the last of the introduction scenarios for HOFFT and it takes a slightly different approach to play. It takes place on a typical nine grid layout but it features three sides instead of the usual two and that makes for some extra unknowns and some extra fun too. By now you will be used to the mechanics of the game along with off table support, command teams and waypoints so it is time for a little solo play experience. Make sure you have a copy of the free solo play bolt on for HOFFT which can be found on Barking Irons Online or requested from

The objective of this scenario is the same for the Prydians and the Canlastrians and that is to capture the data held on the secure terminal at the centre of grid B7. But the armed civilian militia occupying B7 do not want to give over the data to anyone so it will be a real fight to gain the prize.

Waypoint instructions are as follows for this scenario. Beginning at C6 and C4 the Prydian Retained must make for B7 by any route they choose but they must end a turn closer to that grid than they began it. Beginning at A9 and C9 the Canlastrian Retained must make for B7 again by the same conditions as the Prydians. The Neu-Boston Militia must remain in B7 at all times unless forced to leave by morale purposes.

Upon gaining the data it is the goal of both Prydia and Canlaster to leave the playing area as quickly as possible by any route. The first side to get a data carrying character off is the winner!


Scenario Set Up and Teams

hofft map rabble rouser

Consult the battle boards layout given here and make it up from your collection of HOFFT official tiles. Then add the illustrated cover scenics from your collection as well in the correct places. There are six teams from three sides in this scenario and their set up is given on the battle boards by the coloured circles which represent them.

The RED circles are Prydian Retained while the BLUE circles are Canlaster Retained. The GREEN circles are the Militia. Arrangement of characters within each team and team placement on the assigned squares is the owning players choice.

The Prydian Retained are made up of two teams. A Fire Team of four Knights armed with Angis 12.5mm Rifles (see page 36 & 38 profiles) and a Command Team of four Retained Bannerets. The Canlaster Retained are made up of two teams. A Fire Team of four Knights armed with Angis 12.5mm Rifles (see page 36 & 38 Profiles) and another Fire Team of four HW Knights equipped with heavier weapons composed of two Ron 32mm, one Hermit 44mm and one Angis 12.5mm Rifle. Miniatures for these teams are from HOF1, HOF2, HOF3, HOF4 codes.

The Neu-Boston Militia are composed of two Fire Teams (no command team as this is not needed) both use the stats blocks for ‘Gangers’ on page 50 of the HOFFT book equipped with listed Slug Throwers. Miniatures for these teams are one set of MSN50 and one set of MSN51. Turn One begins as normal with initiative rolls.


Special Scenario Rules

In this scenario there are a couple of special considerations to take into account during play. These are the Neu-Boston Militia and the secure terminal in B7. There are no other special rules but there is one suggestion about cooperation in play.

The Neu-Boston Militia operate at all times using the HOFFT Solo Play rules keeping in mind that their teams cannot leave grid B7 and will always choose firing as their action directing their weapons at the closest enemy team of any side beginning with the nearest character.

The Secure Terminal is the goal for Prydia and Canlaster. It cannot be moved and is so well built that it cannot be damaged or destroyed either. A character must move into the square occupied by the terminal to attempt to gain the data needed. Roll 1D6 and on a 5-6 the data is taken by the character. Any number of characters may attempt to gain the data but the data may not be transferred between characters. Note which characters are carrying it.

While it is not required in play for the Prydians and the Canlasters to put aside their differences and work as one to clear the Militia it would be useful to try it assuming players can avoid back stabbing and await the moment for a truce to end. Great fun!


Scenario Notes

This is a manic scenario and very entertaining to play out. Three essentially balanced sides (the Militia have the aid of static defence) all with the same aim and no time limit in which to achieve it. Winning will come down to possibly working with your enemy at least long enough to clear those defending the terminal. Trying to wipe out the Militia and another foe at the same time... risky!

I hope you enjoyed these four starter scenarios for HOF Fire-Team and that you go on to enjoy many more with the rules. I welcome any comments and questions so feel free to ask!


Webmaster's Notes

This article was originally published on Alternative Armies' content portal Barking Irons Online on Wednesday 8th August 2012 and is reproduced here with permission.

Barking Irons Online was Alternative Armies' official content portal that I ran for them from 2011 until 2013, You can find (almost) all of the content it hosted on Orcs in the Webbe in the respective categories in the menus or browse through it all by clicking on the  maroon  "Barking Irons" tag below.