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HOF Fire Team

HOF Fire-Team is a dynamic tactical game for use with any setting from ultra modern to the far future. It pits squads of soldiers, guerrillas, police, thieves or just about anyone else with a grudge against one another.

Played with any miniatures you choose, each Player command a number of designated Team using small unit tactics and the luck of the dice to carry out their mission objectives.

The game uses 'Battle Boards' de-marked into a 20mm squareds allowing easy and instant measurement for movement, weapons fire and cover.

Gameplay is easy and lethal. Using a unique D6 mechanic based on the Firefight 2.0 engine combined with an innovative 'tech level' for all troops and the 'waypoint' mission driver this game delivers fast and intense action in a compact playing area.

Website: https://www.alternative-armies.com/collections/15mm-hof-science-fiction-range

Tag Type: Game System
Point of View: Real World

  • On The Tiles 1: Happy Burger Cart

    In this first Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Canlastrian Mustermen find themselves pitched against Prydian Knights in the Mercer Public Park in Neu-Boston.

  • On The Tiles 2: Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road

    In this second Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Canlastrian Knights try to forge into streets held by the Prydian Army resistance in this starter scenario for HOF Fire Team.

  • On The Tiles 3: Run A Mile

    In this Third Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Prydian Retained Knights set about clearing Canlastrian Mustermen from a secure stronghold when then come under off-table artillery fire.

  • HOF Fire-Team: Singularis

    Not able to find an opponent or fancy a co-operative battle? Well here's the solution, solitaire rules for HOF Fire Team.

  • On The Tiles 4: Rabble Rouser

    In this Fourth Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Prydian and Canlastrian Retained go up against each other with Neu-Boston's militia caught in the middle.

  • Medevac Alpha

    In this scenario for HOFFT Medivac team Alpha must get a casualty off the table under fire from the opposition forces.