• Drive Through

    Continuing from where the scenarios in the main Firefight 2.0 rulebook left off the Muster Captain, Emeritas Hughes, must survive until help arrives.

  • Tray Served Snack

    The Muster leader, Emeritas Hughes, gets more than he bargained for in this exciting mission carrying on the campaign started in the main Firefight 2.0 rulebook.

  • Checkpoint Charles

    The actions of a disillusioned Muster Emeritas could mean the difference between victory and defeat for a small group of Canlastrian Scouts as they recon a Yordist Retained checkpoint.

  • The Coggshall Job

    A group of Canlastrian allied mercenaries are against the clock to break through a League of Yordan siege line with the intention of relieving the Yordists of their pay chest.

  • Headquarters Hell

    The Canlastrian allied Lothian Borderers must defend thier headquarters against attack from Yordist Musterman and fanatics until help arrives.

  • Rat Fight

    A tip from a captured looter has led Sir Conner Sinclair’s Canlastrian Borderer combined action team to the dishevelled slum area of Coggshall’s Zone 5 searching for some Yordist ‘Stay Behind’ troops.

  • Ambush

    Emeritas Kerr and his Tocs Borderers patrol are ambushed by Yordist insurgents whilst on patrol.

  • Called Out

    After their recent engagement in Zone 5's 'Pig Alley', Sinclair and Oxford come to blows again during a horrific thunderstorm.

  • The Patrol

    Caught unawares by an IED, Emeritas Kerr and two wounded Mustermen must hold out against a Yordist Retained squad whilst Chosen Man Cormier searches the nearby buildings for Sinclair's retained Squad. Will he find them in time...

  • The Hit

    The fight for Coggshall's city district, Zone 5, is nearly over. The Yordist insurgents have mostly been cleared but still they remain a threat to the rest of Bosworth IV. It's time to cut the head off the snake.

  • Blood Bath

    The Yordist Army have been thrown out of Coggshall, but they aren’t through with Sector 17 yet! They will show all of the Pyridian Sector that the war would go on....

  • Just A Dream

    The arc documenting the fight for Coggshall on Bosworth IV draws to a close with this cracking short story which reveals the shocking truth of the Canlastrian's plan...

  • On The Tiles 1: Happy Burger Cart

    In this first Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Canlastrian Mustermen find themselves pitched against Prydian Knights in the Mercer Public Park in Neu-Boston.

  • On The Tiles 2: Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road

    In this second Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Canlastrian Knights try to forge into streets held by the Prydian Army resistance in this starter scenario for HOF Fire Team.

  • On The Tiles 3: Run A Mile

    In this Third Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Prydian Retained Knights set about clearing Canlastrian Mustermen from a secure stronghold when then come under off-table artillery fire.

  • HOF Fire-Team: Singularis

    Not able to find an opponent or fancy a co-operative battle? Well here's the solution, solitaire rules for HOF Fire Team.

  • On The Tiles 4: Rabble Rouser

    In this Fourth Introductory Scenario for HOFFT Prydian and Canlastrian Retained go up against each other with Neu-Boston's militia caught in the middle.

  • Medevac Alpha

    In this scenario for HOFFT Medivac team Alpha must get a casualty off the table under fire from the opposition forces.

  • Pacification Arc

    The full 'episode list' for Greg Rumbles' ten part story Arc for Firefight 2.0, Pacification, including breakdowns of each mission along with details of what new rules each scenario introduced.

  • Alone in The Streets

    A variant of Firefight 2.0 allowing you to play any scenario solitaire with the addition of nothing more than a deck of playing cards.