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"Medevac Alpha"

A HOF Fire Team Scenario by Gavin Syme


Medivac team Alpha must get a casualty off the table under fire from the opposition forces.



“We need medical extraction on the wounded alpha one priority. Do you copy central. We need this aid now.” The hiss of static only lasted a moment before the beacon responded with a pick up signal and staccato instructions to hold position while the mediteam were homed in on the platoon.

It was a long three minutes before the mediteam arrived and their arrival did nothing to lessen the rapid fire bursts of stubber fire that continually tore though the large room that the squad occupied. Returning fire had kept the enemy’s heads down but there was little chance of an advance further into the building. They did not have the man power to force the issue without great risk. Getting the wounded out was good for morale and for the army too.

“You the guys who called in the ‘evac?’ The medical technician set down his case without really expecting an answer and set to work. He was obviously an experienced combat medic as he didn’t even flinch as more stubber fire stitched itself up the wall next to his head. ‘The one that gets ya, ya aint gonna hear coming so no need to worry ‘bout it.’ The sheltering troopers looked aghast at this flipant remark from the medic.

‘Ain’t gonna be long now. Got incoming helo to take this guy outa here. Any second now.’ The medical technician was on a secure channel speaking with the helo pilot. Suddenly his grin dropped and he uttered a curse moments before the whole building shook to a mighty external explosion. ‘That was our helo ladies, no way off the roof now. If this guy’s gonna live out the day then we got to get out some other way.

’The troopers looked at each other until their Corporal piped up that then the only way out of the building was the front door and to get there they would have to burn their way through the whole enemy force on this and the bottom two floors.

With a broad grin the combat medic slowly nodded his head and then spoke.‘That’s the spirit. Now clear me a nice wide path, I’ll carry this guy all the way down.


Scenario Objectives and Waypoint

This is a ‘set piece’ scenario which is a new idea I had for a game of HOFFT playable in less than fifteen minutes or in a short break from work and so on.The scenario has one objective only which is for the BLUE side to remove the Casualty (marked C on the grids). For the RED side the sole objective is to prevent the Casualty from being removed from the playing area. The only way off the playing area is by way of the two marked exit squares.

In a small set piece scenario there are NO Waypoint rules applied as typically there are only a few miniatures. To that end there is no waypoint information and all teams are free to move as they will upon the playing area keeping in mind that the sole aim for BLUE is to medevac the the wounded soldier.


Scenario Set Up and Teams

hofft map medevac alpha

Consult the battle boards layout given here and make it up from your collection of HOFFT official tiles.

Then add the illustrated cover scenics from your collection as well in the correct places. All of these tiles and scenics are from Tile Set 2 Rooms in the HOFFT range.

There are five teams from two sides in this scenario and their set up is given on the battle boards by the coloured circles which represent them.

The RED circles are attackers while the BLUE circles are defenders and the GREEN circles are the medical team. Arrangement of characters within each team and team placement on the assigned squares is the owning players choice.

This scenario can be played using any tech level of forces but in the testing of the scenario I used my own personal collection of Prydian Retained (red), Canlaster Muster (blue) and Human Medical Team (green). Keep the tech levels the same or similar and avoid using any heavy weapons. Here is my own team structure. The Prydian Retained are made up of two teams. Two Fire Teams of four Knights each all armed with Angis 12.5mm Rifles (see page 36 & 38 profiles). The Canlaster Muster are made up of two teams. Both are Fire Team of four Muster Veterans armed with Moth 9mm Rifles (see page 37 & 38 Profiles). The injured soldier is from one of the teams and plays no active part in the game (assume the team began with three characters only). The medical team is controlled by the BLUE side and they are treated as Muster Privates with no weapons.

There is no initiative roll in the first turn. BLUE goes first this time!


Special Scenario Rules

Aside from the lack of waypoints and the single aim of this scenario all rules are the same as normal with these provisions. Firstly that the only exit for the Casualty is by entering one of the ‘Exit’ squares in B9. Secondly following the rules for Medevac on page 21 it must be noted that the injured character is stable and cannot die unless injured again during play. Also as they are dedicated medics the Medical Team characters may move as normal while carrying the injured character and it only takes one of them to move him. Lastly no one but a medic may move the casualty but any medic may automatically ‘kill themselves’ to resurrect a fallen BLUE soldier at a rate of one per medic and they must be in the same square. There are no other special rules or other conditions.


Scenario Notes

This is the first ‘set piece’ scenario for HOFFT and its designed for quick play and fun. Its not easy for either side to win as its pretty balanced but the advantage of the BLUES in having the medics is lost by the need of the RED to only kill and not protect.

Enjoy and as always all feedback is welcome.


Webmaster's Notes

This article was originally published on Alternative Armies' content portal Barking Irons Online on Thursday 17th January 2013 and is reproduced here with permission.

Barking Irons Online was Alternative Armies' official content portal that I ran for them from 2011 until 2013, You can find (almost) all of the content it hosted on Orcs in the Webbe in the respective categories in the menus or browse through it all by clicking on the  maroon  "Barking Irons" tag below.