Flintloque is Alternative Armies' 28mm skirmish wargame set in the world of Valon. Valon is a world inhabited by fantasy creatures such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and Ogres - all immersed in a bitter war. The ancient order of the Darke Age has been ripped down and crushed beneath the iron heel of the Elven tyrant Mordred. Once a world bathed in the aura of Wylde Magicke, Mordred has manipulated the very fabric of Valon's reality creating a new era of science and blackpowder.

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Tag Type: Game System
Point of View: Real World

  • Don't Shoot the Messenger

    Don't Shoot The Messenger

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The Taffsea legend that is Owain Dunglowerin takes on the might of Albion's Rekhardt Sharke as both race to capture a Ferach spymaster, the wily La Verre Au Voir.

  • Glimpses of Valon: Margahrah

    Glimpses of Valon: 'Margahrah'

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The popular 'Glimpses' series returrns with Tony Harwood's rendition of one of his creations, the former Elven Lyonesse Commissariat, turned Acting Captain, Margahrah.

  • Sharke's Revenge

    Sharke's Revenge

    Major Sharke and other units from the Grande Alliance must prevent Ferach Spies from escaping whilst being harassed by several enemy units in this Flintloque Demonstration Game for two to ten players.

  • The Capture of La Banana

    The Capture of La Banana

    Rectangula, Valon's largest supplier of sugar (and the rum fermented from it) and pipeweed, was important both in itself, and as the major staging-post for the galleon convoys from El Dorado...

  • The Doom That Came from Penarth

    The Doom That Came from Penarth

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Taffsea General Winter Davies has returned from the wars in Urop with an ancient heirloom proving his right to live and rule over all Llednevir. The inhabitants of Tarrwen Harbour, a small Llednevir town, refute this claim and will do everything they can to stop him.... 

  • A Jolly Jaunt In the Country

    A Jolly Jaunt in the Country

    Three Guerrilla groups are fighting in the same area but have opposing politics. So even though they tolerate each other, they often fight amongst themselves. Usually without too much provocation. Sometimes without any at all...

  • ¡Personalities of El Dorado!

    ¡Personalities of El Dorado!

    The Revolutionary Wars in El Dorado featured some fascinating characters, including the famous larger than life rebel, Aston Villa.

  • A Fistful of Groats

    A Fistful of Groats

    An introduction to the original, and now somewhat apocryphal, pre-Flintloque game of Dresda.

  • ¡Battles of El Dorado!

    ¡Battles of El Dorado!

    We take a look at some of the other battles and campaigns of El Dorado's rebel hero, Bovrilar and his Patriots.

  • Sharke’s Hogswatchnight

    Sharke’s Hogswatchnight

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The conflict continued after the Mordredian Wars ended, a dreadful new war began. Former enemies Orc, Elf and Dwarf ally against the unceasing waves of Undead from the frozen Witchlands.

  • Tales from The White Liar Tavern - Old Tom

    Old Tom

    Throughout the realms of Valon the White Liar Tavern in Broomcoat has a very special reputation for the quality of the ales sold and the tales told. During the cold winter months the landlord brings comfort to his regulars by offering hot mulled brews and spiced pies. With steam rising from their flagons, it is customary for patrons to recount their stories...

  • In Doctorov's Garden

    In Doctorov's Garden

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! You play an Elf Soldier who has awoken in a nightmare place... the lair of Doctorov.  You have managed to sneak out and  must cross the garden; but you are not alone... A simple card game set in the World of Valon for a bit of frozen fun.