• Roger Willcox


    Roger Willcox

    Roger is a regular contributer to the World of Valon having made his Orcs in the Webbe debut with the hugely popular 2010 Halloween tale, The Relics of St. Labyrinthus. Fu Cat Choo started life in one of his brilliant posts on the Notables Yahoo Group where on an almost daily basis you can follow the adventures of his fantastic characters and settings.

    Tag Type: Author
    Point of View: Real World

  • Scooby Doom & Raggy


    Scooby Doom & Raggy

    Scooby Doom is Vlad Voltan's most respected officer, achieving levels of evil only imagined prior to his becoming a Vampyre Dog. He is always accompanied by his loyal sidekick Raggy, a strange concoction of straw and bone...

    Tag Type: Character
    Point of View: Valon

    [Full rules for Scooby Doom and Raggy for both Flintloque 3rd Edition and Slaughterloo 2nd Edition can be found in the Alternative Armies rules supplement, The Rarest Tin. - Craig]