• Matthew Hartley


    Matthew Hartley

    Matthew Hartley is a prolific creator of games and scenarios. A regular contributor to Orcs in the Webbe with his blog, Tankard Tales. He is also the creator and main contributer of the extremely popular Tales of Albion series of scenarios and mini-games set in the Orc's homeland of Albion.

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  • Original


    An Orcs in the Webbe Original!

    Orcs in the Webbe started out as an online repository of articles styled after the original Wessex Games Flintloque magazine, Orcs in the Hills. Containing articles from other Flintloque websites, the Orcs in the Hills magazines themselves and other wargaming publications. As time passed however more and more people submitted brand new original articles written exclusively for inclusion on OITW. Now, nearly tens years on, the lkist of authors includes dozens of authors including the current Flintloque team at AA as well as most of the original creators and contributers. 


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