• Kinkon Delta

    kinkon goblins

    Way back in the mists of ye old tyme, in the first few issues of the ‘Orcs in the Hills’ magazine and a couple of entries in the first ‘Grapeshotte’ artillery expansion for 1st Edition Flintloque there was mention of the Kinkon Delta. This spin off on the official background of Valon saw the Goblin ‘Kooks’ of Kinkon taking on the Union of Secessionist Albionites (USA) Orcs using nothing more than the jungle and some bamboo muskets. This was a one off bit of fun which tied a parody of a Napoleonique Vietnam War to the just cause of fighting the Tyrant Mordred.

    ‘I see a line of Orcs and they're all painted blacke!’

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  • Luke Passingham


    Luke Passingham

    Having grown up in the courthouse hating town of Rayleigh, Essex, Luke - like the deer sequestered by Henry VIII - found himself wandering further afield to find a new home. After many years of searching he settled in the Dobunii tribal lands to the South of Birmingham.

    An avid gamer, writer and gamesmaster. It was Luke who first inroduced me to Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantsasy Roleplay and wargaming in general and I still see him as a guru of sorts guiding me in my gaming habits.  

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