A Firefight 2.0 Arc by Greg Rumbles.


The full 'episode list' for Greg Rumbles' ten part story Arc for Firefight 2.0, Pacification, including breakdowns of each mission along with details of what new rules each scenario introduced.


Author's Introduction

Pacification is a series of missions forming an Arc which shows the difficulties faced by any occupying force in a built up area in time of war.

Whilst writing it I have drawn upon the reports of military experiences in the modern age and applied them to each mission. When you have finished all of the missions below, it is my hope that you will be enlightened to the truly difficult job military personnel have when forced by circumstance and orders to occupy and garrison a city in a foreign land.

I also tried to bring something new to the table with each mission as well in the form of special rules. These rules can be applied to any future Firefight 2.0 mission.

This Arc also introduces the Lothian Tocs Borderer Free Companies. Mercenaries hired from the far flung borders of the Prydian Precinct of space to expand their employer’s interests in time of war or peace.

Greg Rumbles, 2012

Episode Guide


Below are all the missions in the Pacification Arc in order, along with the short story epilogue, Just a Dream.


Episode 01: "Checkpoint Charles"

The actions of a disillusioned Muster Emeritas could mean the difference between victory and defeat for a small group of Canlastrian Scouts as they recon a Yordist Retained checkpoint.

This mission introduces the concept of 'Provisional Force Reconnaissance Platoons' - scouts and observers capable of so much more when well trained, equipped, and led. Snipers also serve with these elite troops of veteran status. I am told sniper rules are sure to come to Firefight 2.0 in the near future.

New FF2.0 Rules: Changing Loyalties, Artillery Strikes


Episode 02: "The Coggshall Job"

A group of Canlastrian allied mercenaries are against the clock to break through a League of Yordan siege line with the intention of relieving the Yordists of their pay chest.

This mission shows some of the array of the difficulties for both the besieged and the besieger when fighting a siege. There is both a form of courtesy and a science in siege operations. Sieges lead to some of the most violent and horrifyingly cruel acts man can inflict upon man, and some of the most heroic.

New FF2.0 Rules: Sewer Movement, Night Vision, Rubbacrete Storage Boxes


Episode 03: "Headquarters Hell"

The Canlastrian allied Lothian Borderers must defend thier headquarters against attack from Yordist Musterman and fanatics until help arrives.
This mission introduces the concept of ‘Fanatics’, men and women capable of any act, without thought of the consequences or as to who may be hurt by their actions.

New FF2.0 Rules: Combat Engineer's Assault Charge


Episode 04: "Rat Fight"

A tip from a captured looter has led Sir Conner Sinclair’s Canlastrian Borderer combined action team to the dishevelled slum area of Coggshall’s Zone 5 searching for some Yordist ‘Stay Behind’ troops.

The mission reflects a patrol sized action. One of the rare, yet brutally sudden stand up fights which can occur when insurgent forces are caught unawares and forced to fight toe-to-toe.

New FF2.0 Rules: None


Episode 05: "Ambush"

Emeritas Kerr and his Tocs Borderers patrol are ambushed by Yordist insurgents whilst on patrol.

This mission introduces the guerilla or ‘small war’ tactic of ambush, which the players will find to be a very deadly game for their soldiers.

New FF2.0 Rules: IEDs, Buildings


Episode 06: "Called Out"

After their recent engagement in Zone 5's 'Pig Alley', Sinclair and Oxford come to blows again during a horrific thunderstorm in this two player secnario for Firefight 2.0.

The mission introduces the concept of weather impacting the battlefield. Players can add this extra element of entertainment and difficulty to overcome in their missions of Firefight, as the forces of nature and even the very ground may sometimes seem to be against them.

New FF2.0 Rules: Weather


Episode 07: "The Patrol"

Caught unawares by an IED, Emeritas Kerr and two wounded Mustermen must hold out against a Yordist Retained squad whilst Chosen Man Cormier searches the nearby buildings for Sinclair's retained Squad. Will he find them in time...

The mission introduces the concept of a soldier’s morale and the detrimental effects of things such as alcohol or drugs on a soldier. This often overlooked aspect of war, adds an extra layer of ‘fun’ and difficulty to overcome in this mission, as their mates and their own lives depend upon the speed and accuracy of their actions. This mission’s outcome usually depends upon how fast the Canlastrian Tocs runner can reach the supporting Retained post.

New FF2.0 Rules: Drunk on Duty


Episode 08: "The Hit"

The fight for Coggshall's city district, Zone 5, is nearly over. The Yordist insurgents have mostly been cleared but still they remain a threat to the rest of Bosworth IV. It's time to cut the head off the snake.

The mission introduces the concept of military intelligence, something the uninitiated sometimes call an ‘oxymoron’. The effects of intelligence, and indeed, counter intelligence, when combined with electronic warfare and black operations such as assassination missions like sniping are truly awesome in scope and can and do either grant victory or inflict crushing defeats through small surgical strikes such as this mission portrays.

New FF2.0 Rules: Hidden Deployment


Episode 09: "'Blood' Bath Street Crossing"

The Yordist Army have been thrown out of Coggshall, but they aren’t through with Sector 17 yet! They will show all of the Pyridian Sector that the war would go on.

The mission introduces the concepts of vehicles, and the possible impacts of weather on vehicles in battle. Players will find vehicles add an extra layer of difficulty and many challenges for their troops to overcome in their missions, as the thundering roar of turbine engines fill the air.

New FF2.0 Rules: Vehicles



Epilogue: "Just A Dream"

The Pacification Arc documenting the fight for Coggshall on Bosworth IV draws to a close with this cracking short story which reveals the shocking truth of the Canlastrian's plan... 


Webmaster's Notes

This article was originally published on Barking Irons Online on the 24th September 2012 and is reproduced here with permission.