• Danny O'Hara

    Danny O'Hara

    Danny O'Hara

    Danny O'Hara was a prolific writer of scenarios and backgrounds for Classic Flintloque back when it all began. His contributions helped set the tone of Flintloque and expand it in ways others would never have thought of. One of his specialities was creating and expanding the larger 'settings', often without even realising. His original Dreadloque scenario which saw the war scarred lands of Urop switched for swashbuckling advenure in the Windy Isles still remains a classic to this day.

    Danny sadly passed away in July 2019 at the far too young age of 50. As mentioned in his lovely obituary on the Peter Pig Miniatures website "Danny made an impact upon the hobby and players with his good grace and enthusiasm." They have even remembered him with the creation of a miniature with him depicted as a Mexican revolutionary leader (as shown in the image above).

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  • Darkstorme


    A Darke Age has befallen Valon and carnage reigns supreme. In the province of Alevia the armies of Valon meet and the fate of the world will be decided. It is a time of high adventure before black powder came to the world. High Fantasy rules for character driven skirmishes in 15mm or 28mm, DarkeStorme.

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