• Dracci

    Art by Edward Jackson, Coloured by Craig Andrews

    The Dracci

    The Children of the Dragons are ancient enemies of the Ferach Elves of Valon. They come in two forms, the human sized Warriors and the much larger Lords. Once thought lost from Valon after the annullment of Wylde Magicke by the Ferach Elf Emperor Mordred they are slowly returning to the world as their power grows.

    Tag Type: Race
    Point of View: Valon

    Full rules for the Dracci in Flintloque 3rd Edition can be found here.

    The amazing Dracci miniatures were created by legendary miniatures sculptor Bob Naismith and are available direct from Alternative Armies' here.

  • Dreadloque

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    Dreadloque is a piratical take on Flintloque - Alternative Armies skirmish wargame set in an alternate Napoleonic war featuring fantasy races - set in its own part of that world called The Windy Isles. A place of pirates and treasure far removed from the smoke hazed battlefieds of the Mordredian Wars in Urop. The first adventure in the Dreadloque series was written by Flintloque alumni and Orcs in the Webbe regular Danny O'Hara and published back in the mid nineties on his website Filbanto Stew. It was a huge favourite among Flintloque players. 

    In 2008 Danny returned to his Windy Isles setting with the follow up tale, Dreadloque II "Dead Dwarf's Chest" exlusively for publication on Orcs in the Webbe as part of that years Advent Calendar. It featured a prelude and three full scenarios, or acts as they are often known in Flintloque mini-campaigns.

    In 2009 Danny gave me his blessing to take up the reins and I started telling a tale set one year after Dreadloque II where things in the Windy Isles changed, but not for the better. Over the next few years Dreadloque III took shape and was completed in 2013 consisting of a short prelude, three acts and a nautical interlude featuring a Kraken.

    In 2014 the story continued as I started a new tale set in the Windy Isles featuring a new character, a Dwarf called Gadrin, an exile from Urop finding his first steps in the new world. The tale itself, A Softer Fire, forming the prelude of Dreadloque fourth season.

    In 2015 Danny O'Hara agreed to return to the Windy Isles as part of that years Saints Day scenarios and penned a tale taking us back to the beginning, back before Black Powder when magic was still in the world and the halflings of Jamcakey had yet to overthrow thier Orc masters.

    Dreadloque is one of the fondest memories of Flintloque players and piratical tales set there will continue on Orcs in the Webbe.

    Tag Type: Series
    Point of View: Real World