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Dreadloque is a piratical take on Flintloque - Alternative Armies skirmish wargame set in an alternate Napoleonic war featuring fantasy races - set in its own part of that world called The Windy Isles. A place of pirates and treasure far removed from the smoke hazed battlefieds of the Mordredian Wars in Urop. The first adventure in the Dreadloque series was written by Flintloque alumni and Orcs in the Webbe regular Danny O'Hara and published back in the mid nineties on his website Filbanto Stew. It was a huge favourite among Flintloque players. 

In 2008 Danny returned to his Windy Isles setting with the follow up tale, Dreadloque II "Dead Dwarf's Chest" exlusively for publication on Orcs in the Webbe as part of that years Advent Calendar. It featured a prelude and three full scenarios, or acts as they are often known in Flintloque mini-campaigns.

In 2009 Danny gave me his blessing to take up the reins and I started telling a tale set one year after Dreadloque II where things in the Windy Isles changed, but not for the better. Over the next few years Dreadloque III took shape and was completed in 2013 consisting of a short prelude, three acts and a nautical interlude featuring a Kraken.

In 2014 the story continued as I started a new tale set in the Windy Isles featuring a new character, a Dwarf called Gadrin, an exile from Urop finding his first steps in the new world. The tale itself, A Softer Fire, forming the prelude of Dreadloque fourth season.

In 2015 Danny O'Hara agreed to return to the Windy Isles as part of that years Saints Day scenarios and penned a tale taking us back to the beginning, back before Black Powder when magic was still in the world and the halflings of Jamcakey had yet to overthrow thier Orc masters.

Dreadloque is one of the fondest memories of Flintloque players and piratical tales set there will continue on Orcs in the Webbe.

Tag Type: Series
Point of View: Real World

  • Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque begins right here in Dreadloque, the original tale of banditry, insurrection and the infamous pipeweed that introduced a generation of Flintloque players to The Windy Isles and its host of fantastic characters...

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  • An Orcs in the Webbe Original! This years ripping yarn set in Danny O'Hara's Dreadloque setting gets underway as three erstwhile heroes try to stop a meeting between the Catalucian Ambassador's daughter and the evil Baron Bron from going ahead.

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  • An Orcs in the Webbe Original! We return to the Windy Isles in the first part of the prelude to this years 'season' of Dreadloque, the piratical version of Flintloque. In this, the first of a new series focusing on storyline in tandem with game mechanics, you will find an After Action Report of THW's 'And a Bottle of Rum' rules as well as a short piece of Flintloque fiction based on it.

  • An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In the second part of the prelude to this years 'season' of Dreadloque we see how a character starts an investigation in THW's 'And a Bottle of Rum' rules along with the short piece of Flintloque fiction based on the adventure.

  • An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In this Saints Day exclusive scenario we get a glimpse at the origins of some of the legendary characters from Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque, Dreadloque, as the Jamcakey born halfling Bilbo Nesta Marley takes his first steps of rebellion under the leadership of Drogo Dekker.