Danny O'Hara

Danny O'Hara

Danny O'Hara was a prolific writer of scenarios and backgrounds for Classic Flintloque back when it all began. His contributions helped set the tone of Flintloque and expand it in ways others would never have thought of. One of his specialities was creating and expanding the larger 'settings', often without even realising. His original Dreadloque scenario which saw the war scarred lands of Urop switched for swashbuckling advenure in the Windy Isles still remains a classic to this day.

Danny sadly passed away in July 2019 at the far too young age of 50. As mentioned in his lovely obituary on the Peter Pig Miniatures website "Danny made an impact upon the hobby and players with his good grace and enthusiasm." They have even remembered him with the creation of a miniature with him depicted as a Mexican revolutionary leader (as shown in the image above).

Tag Type: Author
Point of View: Real World

  • Dreadloque

    Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque begins right here in Dreadloque, the original tale of banditry, insurrection and the infamous pipeweed that introduced a generation of Flintloque players to The Windy Isles and its host of fantastic characters...

  • The Temple of Dhogmandont

    The famed East-Valonian treasure hunter has disciovered the whereabouts of the semi-mythical Scimitar of Mustapha Liq. However, between him and his prize stand  Krautian Agents, Ferach Intelligence, Nippleze Goblins, Othari Janissaries and a bloody big Minotaur with an equally bloody big axe. Will he prevail... Find out in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • Dreadloque II - Dead Dwarfs Chest - Prelude: "Strange Winds and Unusual Currents"

    An Orcs in the WebbeOriginal! Being in the main a description of events unfolding in the exotic Windy Isles after those heretofore depicted in the prior work Dreadloque, by the author.

  • Dreadloque II - Dead Dwarfs Chest - Act I: "The Wild Island"

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In which a simple meeting to discuss a map becomes something of a brawl.

  • Dreadloque II - Dead Dwarfs Chest - Act III: "Search For Shambog's Gold"

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Our heroes search an abandoned system of caves and find much more than they the treasure they're looking for...

  • The Taking of Drumbassa

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A small crew of Othari corsairs have taken command of Drumbassa and it's defences on the Sosilli Coast. It's up to The Raisin of Marzbar's forces, led by Tarka Bey, and his Al-Garvey allies to destroy Drumbassa once and for all.

  • Doctor Deadrock, I Presume?

    Take charge of a party of Orcs from one of Londinium's Royule Societies and head out from the edge of civilisation to explore Valon's mostly unknown Darke Continent with these open framework rules for use with any version of Flintloque.

  • The High Price of Miruvoré

     An Orcs in the WebbeOriginal! Being a cautionary tale of SMUGGLING and other divers CRIMINALITYS acted out by the feckless small-folk in dark corners of our own ALBION!


  • A Game of Ghouls

    A Game of Ghouls

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Ongoing reports of cannibalism in the Armorican village of Imladré-sur-Merde coupled with the initial investigative team going missing leads the Ferach special agent, Doctor Moreauwe, and a group of militia in search of monsters.

  • Lilith Malone

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In the bustling Albion town of Port Bristle an unexplained death is just the beginning for Miklúg FizzBang and his officers in this cracking Penny Dreadful style short story.

  • Bilbo Nesta Marley and The Macaroons

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! In this Saints Day exclusive scenario we get a glimpse at the origins of some of the legendary characters from Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque, Dreadloque, as the Jamcakey born halfling Bilbo Nesta Marley takes his first steps of rebellion under the leadership of Drogo Dekker.

  • Rowloque

    Being in the main a set of Rules for the re-enactment of Naval Battles such as occurred in the late Mordredian Wars between races such as the Orcs and the Ferach Elves. First published back in the Nineties and now restored as part of the Flintloque Archive Project.

  • The Ghost of Corpsemas Past

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! We return to the vibrant Albion town of Port Bristle to catch up with Miklúg FizzBang to see how he has fared since the events of "Lilith Malone" one year ago...

  • Poldorc

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! This year classic Flintloque alumnus Danny O'Hara weaves an hilarious story based on a 'somewhat better known than it used to be because that chap got his top off to scythe corn wrong' tale. Perfect for the Flintloque setting we are proud to present, for the benefit of several audiences, Poldorc.

  • Heart of Dorcness

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Classic Flintloque alumnus Danny O'Hara turns his attention to a less well known area of Valon, the Kinkon Delta, in this years Advent Tale. Introducing a new cast of characters we are proud to present, for the benefit of several audiences, Heart of Dorcness.

  • The Rocky Road to Albion

    The Rocky Road to Albion

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Many of you may know that Patrorc is the Guardian Spirit of Guinelia, and that one of his most famous exploits was chasing the vermin from Guinelia, but the full story of this is not so well known...

  • ¡Revolucion in El Dorado!

    ¡Revolucion in El Dorado!

    Whilst the Mordredian Wars raged in Urop and beyond, The Revolutionary Wars in El Dorado burned like a slow fire. Many different factions all infused with a desire to wrest freedom from the despotic Catalucians - oh, and possibly make some profit on the side.

  • The Capture of La Banana

    The Capture of La Banana

    Rectangula, Valon's largest supplier of sugar (and the rum fermented from it) and pipeweed, was important both in itself, and as the major staging-post for the galleon convoys from El Dorado...

  • ¡Personalities of El Dorado!

    ¡Personalities of El Dorado!

    The Revolutionary Wars in El Dorado featured some fascinating characters, including the famous larger than life rebel, Aston Villa.

  • ¡Battles of El Dorado!

    ¡Battles of El Dorado!

    We take a look at some of the other battles and campaigns of El Dorado's rebel hero, Bovrilar and his Patriots.