Barking Irons Online

Barking Irons Online was Alternative Armies' official content portal based on it's short lived printed magazine, Barking Irons. Launched on the 8th April 2011 it featured digital versions of the articles from the magazine as well as all of the entries from AA's news blog. At the helm was Orcs in the Webbe's own commander in chief Craig Andrews. Sadly due a fall in submissions and AA's shift to blog based websites it ceased to be on 6th November 2013. However BIO's Flintloque, Erin and Typhon content lives on right here on Orcs in the Webbe.

Below is the original introductory blurb:

Welcome to Barking Irons Online, the dapper gaming portal which aims to amuse and entertain the better sort of miniature wargame players. Barking Irons is backed by Alternative Armies and by 15mm.co.uk to give players of their own game systems material to further their own playing at home and at their local gaming club. This magazine tries to give you a damn good read that will make you come back again and again to it.

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  • Master modelmaker Tony Harwood shows us step by step how to build a 28mm scale storehouse.

  • Margahrah and his surviving Elves must escape from the frozen North in this, the final instalment of the Flintloque mini campaign, Getting Ahead.

  • The full 'episode list' for Greg Rumbles' ten part story Arc for Firefight 2.0, Pacification, including breakdowns of each mission along with details of what new rules each scenario introduced.

  • A variant of Firefight 2.0 allowing you to play any scenario solitaire with the addition of nothing more than a deck of playing cards.

  • Since the rejuvenation of the Ion Age players of the original Firefight game have wonderedwhen the ancient and powerful Shia Khan Empire will make its presence felt once more. With Firefight 2.0 and MOTH set in the Prydian Civil War, the time has now come to allow the Khanate to take to the battlefield once more.